We create the world together with the Almighty

From my window, I watch the fierce struggle of the wind, not wanting yellow leaves to fall from the trees. God, how they tremble… Is there a feeling in this world worse than attachment? Ahh, kestrel, I wish I could understand your passion to strip these poplars, and besides, when it’s bitterly cold in the yard…
How bad that some words reach us later, as well as some truths, some actions. For example, she leaves without a word and suddenly, it is not known why, but only years later it becomes clear: hey, blessed one, she, poor thing, said everything in her silence, moreover, shouting, rhyme:
I want to love you, help me! Just a minute! This is already very similar to the main motto of the world-famous Montessori method…
This technique is associated with the name of the first woman doctor in Italy, Maria Montessori; working as a doctor’s assistant at the university clinic (San Giovanni Hospital), she first encountered mentally retarded children. He looks and sees that, oh God, the children are kept in empty rooms, with them, one might say, there is no communication, and the only toy for them is the crust of the bread they have eaten.
Upset by what she saw, Maria begins to bring them simple things from her house – boxes, pieces of material, and surprisingly, in a short time, changes for the better are observed in the children’s behavior. Thus, the main idea of Maria Montessori’s methodology is born: for both normal and mentally retarded children to understand the world around them, they need a developing environment, support, and conditions.
In one word: I want to cope, help me! The Montessori method is as beautiful as its motto, it teaches children to be patient, attentive, teaches them self-knowledge, development of such qualities as free self-control, decision-making. In addition, this technique has its subtleties; for example, Montssori insisted that adults do not talk to a child while standing, “squat in front of him and become taller than him,” she said. Such an address will create conditions for the child to perceive himself on the same level as an adult interlocutor, increasing his self-confidence. The system also offers a package of different tasks to keep children balanced. For example, carefully and without splashing, pour water from a full decanter into an empty one. After all, it requires patience!
Montessori also claimed that you should not yell at a child that you did it wrong, because showing the child what his mistake is is the greatest suffering that can be caused to him! Create conditions for him to discover his mistake on his own.
I agree, this unique technique can be used not only for children, but also for adults, for the masses – and should be used. I assure you that there are enough adults in our society who have not passed this stage; let’s say, illiterate, sinful, not on the true path… and they were always looked down upon, our educators did not allow themselves to descend to their level, but from their high podiums once scolded and scolded them, never creating the conditions for them to found their mistakes, that’s why they are still like children: if you don’t control them for even a day, they will commit the same misdeeds again.
Are you in a state of confusion when you once have to go to an address that you have visited more than once with someone, but this time – alone? And I think in such moments: it would be good if we didn’t rely on one person, but looked more carefully at where the path was coming from and where it was going.
Look at what the Most High says in his scriptures: “We have sent prophets to restore justice to people.” (Al-Hadid, 25) It turns out that the prophets, as in the Montessori method, were sent to create favorable conditions for learning the truth, to help people restore justice.
Yes, if any of the leaders promises the people that he alone is called to restore justice, then the writing is gone! A prophet should not create dependence, an educator should educate such a society so that it itself becomes the guardian of justice.
The Almighty himself exists only to create conditions for us: when we, opening our hands in prayer, ask him for happiness, He does not immediately dump happiness on our heads, but creates favorable conditions so that we can become happy ourselves. If He is going to reach out and pull us out of every difficulty we get into, what good are we ourselves? What are these arms, legs for… what are these brains for?
Doesn’t the Almighty see so much trouble and grief? Does the Almighty not know what is happening in the world? After all, at least millions of children, adults, the elderly and the young pray every day and in their prayers convey to Him the impasse in which the world has found itself. Why is the Almighty silent?
it seems to me that the process of the creation of the world has not yet ended, and it will continue until the very day of judgment. And sometimes it seems to me that the Almighty wants human participation in the creation process. That is, we create the world together with the Most High – we must create, and if so… we fulfill, do we properly realize that part of the responsibility that has fallen on our shoulders? Maybe the world is experiencing the bitterness of what we did not do?… Let’s skip it…
I want to say that on even with the Most High, relations should be built on this basis: God, help me to accomplish this or that task.
And who knows, maybe those whose prayers are heard, seeing how quickly their difficulties are resolved, even worry a little: Lord, if you would let me do it myself…
My thought word by word is coming to an end, and I am still in front of the window: and here, another yellow leaf is defeated in the fight against the cruel wind – it breaks away from the tree, and this heavy separation, years later, reminds me of another part of that unknown: I don’t want to go, help me!