The Holy Quran teaches us … (part 2)

2. Cow (“Al-Baqarah”, sent in Medina) – verse: 75 – 141

75. Do you (Muslims) expect that they (Jews) will believe you (believe in what you say)?! Among them were groups who heard the word of Allah and then, after understanding its meaning (realizing that it is the truth), deliberately distorted it (distorted, changed the true meaning).

76. And when (Jews at the time of the Prophet of Islam) met those who believed, they said: “We believed.” And when they met with each other in private, (some contradicted each other and) said: “Why do you tell them what Allah told you (in the Torah regarding the signs of the last Prophet) so that they may have it as an argument against you before your Lord?! Don’t you understand?”

77. Do they not know that Allah knows both the secret and the manifest (their)?!

78. And among them (Jews) are the ignorant (those who cannot read or write), those who do not know (their) scriptures, (for them the Torah) is but empty dreams, and (this -) they only conjecture (because they do not know the truth).

79. Woe (severe punishment is promised) to those who write the Scriptures (Torah) with their own hands and then say: “It is from Allah” in order to receive a small fee (small price) for it (forgery). Woe to them for what their hands copied, and woe to them for what they gain (from this distortion).

80. And (they) say: “The (hell) fire will not overtake us in any case, except for a few days.” Say (to them, O Muhammad!): “Have you received the promise of Allah – and Allah to His word will never change, or do you say against Allah that which you do not know?!”

81. Yes (hellfire will engulf you)! The one who acquired evil (performed bad deeds) and was surrounded by his own sins (such people, if they do not repent until death), then they are the inhabitants of the fire (Hell), they will stay in it forever.

82. And those who believed and did good (and did it only for the sake of Allah), such (people) are the inhabitants of Paradise, they will abide therein forever.

83. And (remember) how We took a covenant (agreement) with the children of Israel (and this covenant was that): “You shall not bow down to anyone but Allah, to parents – charity (do good) and to relatives, and orphans, and the poor. Speak pleasant things to the people and establish prayer (namaz) and give alms (zakat).” (But you) Then turned away (violated the treaty) except for a few, and you turned away.

84. And (at that time) We took from you (O children of Israel) a covenant (that): “You shall not shed your blood (neither of you shall kill another) nor drive one another out of your dwellings.” Then you have acknowledged (confirmed this contract) and witnessed (it) yourself.

85. Afterwards you (again breaking the covenant) killed one another and expelled one part of you from their (native) dwellings, uniting one against the other in sin and enmity. And if (they) came to you as captives, you redeemed them (to set them free from captivity), but you were forbidden (from the beginning) (even) to expel them (from their dwellings). Do you believe in one part of the scripture (the Torah) and show disbelief in another (part of it)? There is no recompense for those of you who do this except disgrace (and humiliation) in this world, and on the Day of Judgment they will be given the most severe punishment! And Allah is not ignorant of your deeds (He knows all that you do).

86. They are those who have bought (preferred this) worldly life (in exchange) for the (future) Hereafter and (therefore) their suffering will not be eased, nor will they be helped.

87. And certainly We gave Musa the Scripture (Torah) and after him (Musa) We sent (to the children of Israel other) messengers. We gave Isa, the son of Maryam, clear signs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit (the angel Jibril). But why is it that every time a messenger (with a revelation from Allah) comes to you with something that is not to your liking, you become arrogant (show arrogance), reject some and kill others?

88. And they said: “Our hearts are covered (inaccessible to faith and because of this the truth does not reach us).” But no, Allah cursed them (deprived them of His mercy) for disbelief, (because) they believe little!

89. And when there came to them (another) Scripture (Qur’an) from Allah, confirming (the truth of) that (Torah) that (was) with them – for before they asked for help (from Allah) to defeat the infidels ( with the last messenger bringing the Scriptures), so when what they knew (and expected) came to them, they (the Jews) rejected it. So will be the curse of Allah on the infidels!

90. A small price for which they (the Jews of the time of the Prophet of Islam) sold their souls (themselves), rejecting the message of Allah, envying the fact that Allah sends His mercy (Scripture – Qur’an) to whom He wills of His slaves. And they drew upon themselves the wrath (of Allah). Verily, for the infidels (prepared) is a humiliating punishment.

91. And when it is said to them: “Believe in what Allah has sent down (in the Qur’an),” they say: “We believe in what has been sent down to us (in the Torah),” and disbelieve in what (was sent down ) by it (by the Torah), although it (the Qur’an) is the truth confirming what is already with them. Say (to them): “If you are believers (if you believe in the Torah) then why did you kill before

Prophets of Allah?”

92. Certainly Musa came to you with clear signs, but after that (in his absence) you took a body (and began to worship it) and you are impious (unrighteous).

93. And (remember) how We took (Allah took) from you (from the children of Israel) a promise and (as a sign of the power of God) raised above you (the mountain) Tur (and said): “Hold fast to that (Torah) granted you (Allah) and listen.” They said: “We have heard and do not obey.” Their hearts absorbed (love) for the bull. Say (to them, O Muhammad): (Confess ye Jews) That which your faith enjoins upon you is evil , if you (at all) are believers.”

94. Say: “If the Hereafter (Paradise) with Allah is only for you (as you believe in it) and not for other people, then wish (for yourself) death (which will lead you to Paradise) if you are truthful.”

95. But they will never wish for it (death) because of what they have done with their own hands (they know that they have sinned and will not enter Paradise). Allah knows about the unjust (unrighteous).

96. Of course, you (O Prophet) will find (see) that they themselves long for (this worldly) life and even (more) than those who have become polytheists (even more than the polytheists who do not believe in Paradise). Each of them would like to be given a life of a thousand years, but the fact that he is given a long life will not keep him from punishment (in Hell), because Allah sees what they do!

97. Say (O Prophet, to the Jews who say that Jibril is our enemy and therefore we do not believe in your prophecy): “Whoever is an enemy of (the angel) Jibril (he is the enemy of Allah, because), verily he (the angel Jibril) is by permission Allah brought it (the Qur’an) into your heart to confirm the truth of what had already been sent to it (the Qur’an) as a straight path and good news for the believers.

98. Whoever is an enemy of Allah, and His angels, and His messengers, and (also the two angels) Jibreel, and Michael (whoever considers as an enemy even one of all those who have been listed, becomes an infidel and let him know that) verily Allah – the enemy is unfaithful!

99. Surely We have sent down to you (O Prophet) clear signs (verses of the Qur’an), but only the wicked reject them (and disbelieve in them).

100. Why is it that every time they (the children of Israel) make a covenant (with Allah or His messengers), some of them (some of the Jews) reject it (the covenant and do not fulfill their agreements)? Yes, most of them do not believe!

101. And when there came to them (the Jews) a messenger from Allah (Prophet Muhammad with the Koran), confirming the truth of what (the Torah) was with them, a part of those (- Jewish scholars) who had been given the Scriptures (- the science of the Torah), threw the scriptures of Allah behind their backs (rejected the scriptures of Allah), as if they did not know (what it is about and that it is written in the Torah that Muhammad is indeed the messenger of Allah).

102. And they (those Jews who rejected the Torah) followed what the shaytans (infidel jinn who obeyed Iblis) read during the reign of (the prophet) Sulaiman. But of course (prophet) Suleiman was not unfaithful (he never engaged in sorcery and spells as he was told), and the Shaitans (themselves) were unfaithful in teaching people sorcery. And (the Jews also followed that) which was sent to the two angels in Babylon, Harut and Marut. But both of them (the two angels) did not teach anyone until they said: “Indeed, we are a temptation, do not become unfaithful (learning sorcery, incantations and obeying the shaitans)!” And (they) learned from them, (they learned from those two angels, but used this knowledge in a wrong way-) how to divorce a husband from his wife. But they (sorcerers) will not be able to harm anyone without Allah’s permission (for this). And they learned what harmed them (themselves) and did not benefit them. And they knew that the one who bought (chosen) this (sorcery), he has no share (of good) in Eternal Life. Surely, how bad is that (witchcraft) for which they sold their souls, if they only knew!

103. And if they had (truly) believed (in Allah) and had been God-fearing, then the reward from Allah (would have been better for them), had they but known.

104. O those who believe! Do not say (to the Messenger of Allah): “Take care of us,” but say: “Look at us!” (When you rely on him), and obey (what Allah commanded you). And for the unbelievers (who mock the prophet) – the punishment is painful!

105. Those of the People of the Scriptures who do not believe and the polytheists (because of their envy and hatred) would not want good (revelation, knowledge, help) to be sent to you from your Lord. And Allah honors with His mercy whom He wills, because Allah is the owner of great generosity (great mercy).

106. (If) We abrogate (any) sign or cause it to be forgotten, (then) We bring forth a better one or one similar to it. Don’t you (O Prophet Muhammad) know that Allah has power over all things?!

107. Don’t you know that verily (only) to Allah belongs (all) power over the heavens and the earth (and He governs all creation)?! And you have no protector or helper besides Allah?

108. Or do you (O people) want to ask your Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) as (the children of Israel