The attribute of a perfect fast is high morality

It is clear from authentic hadiths that the greatness of the month of Ramazan and the Sawab received in this month is much more than people can appreciate and understand.

That is why the Messenger of Allah (s) said: “If a person knew all the merits of the month of Ramazan, he would want it to last the whole year” (Biharul-Anwar, vol. 93, p. 346). For the same reason, it is said that one of the 8 gates of Paradise is called “Rayyan” and that only those who have kept the fast perfectly will be able to enter through it.

Allah says: “Fasting is observed for My sake, and I will reward it.” Certainly, all rewards for good deeds are given by Allah. However, the special allocation of the Ramazan fast speaks of its either quantitative or qualitative advantage.

It is clear that Ramadan is dear to Allah, if only because it was in this month that the Holy Qur’an was sent down. In the famous khutba Shabaniyaa, the Prophet (pbuh) says that the best of days and the best of nights fall within this month.

At the same time, greatness for each direction is related to how it will spend this month. In other words, everyone’s Ramadan is individual, unique. Whoever observes not only the external requirements of fasting, but also the spiritual ones, will be able to know the true value of this blessed month.

Husni-Khulga is an ode to the moral values of the month of Ramazan. Despite the fact that it is translated into our language as “high morality”, Husni-Hulga is closer to such concepts as gentleness, sincerity, kindness, not causing harm to others.

In today’s stressful world, it is very difficult to be balanced and patient. A person bears the burden of both material and moral troubles. However, he must be able to face these difficulties, not allow internal balance to be disturbed, and show high morality in his actions.

High morality is a value directly related to fasting. The Prophet (s) said: “People! Anyone who improves his morality in this month will easily overcome the bridge of orphans” (Uyumi akhbarir-Riza, vol. 1, p. 296).

Imam Muhammad Baghir (a) said: “From the point of view of faith, the most excellent among the believers are the owners of high morality” (Al-Kafa, vol.3, p.256).