Muslim culture has made my life better

I am always interested in learning the cultures of the different countries I visit, and I am always happy to learn something useful from other people. This is what happened with my trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan. I met several good Muslim people, with whom I became friends. These people told me about the peculiarities of their life and life. And I liked some of the habits of my Muslim friends, I adopted them and they made my life better. Now I will tell you what these habits are and how they made life better.
Wash your hands before and after eating

I have noticed that some of my Muslim friends do this. They said that according to the rules, hands should be washed before eating so that drops of water remain on the hands, and after eating, wash and wipe dry. I liked this rule. I decided that it would not be superfluous to wash my hands one more time, and began to do so: wash my hands both before and after eating.

And I liked it. I know it’s a small thing, but I noticed that my phone screen, touchpad and even the table (it has a glass coating) became cleaner! My handprints have decreased by a third, and it is possible to wipe all this less often.

Apparently, we underestimate how dirty our hands get while eating. So now I wash them before and after, like my friends from Turkey.

Rinse your mouth

And another Muslim tradition is rinsing the mouth before and after. As far as I know, Muslims use just plain water for this, I started rinsing my mouth with mouthwash, but also, like my friends, before and after meals.

And about two weeks later, the condition of my gums became much better. Yes, I think this is a very useful habit.

Do not blow on food

Another strange habit at first glance. My friends told me that in Islam it is said that you can’t blow on food with your mouth or nose, so Muslims don’t eat hot food, they wait until it cools down so they don’t have to blow. I also liked this habit, and I adopted it.

I don’t put any special meaning into it, I just think it’s useful because if you have to blow on the food, then it’s too hot and you should wait. And with the help of this “marker”, it’s good to control yourself and not eat too hot food too quickly.

According to doctors, it is useful to eat neither cold nor hot food, but warm food. So, I think, my body is grateful to me for such a habit.

Have a hygienic shower at home

This is a well-known habit of Muslims, everyone knows that there will always be water in the toilet in a Muslim house. This requirement is religious, and it is very healthy from the point of view of hygiene and human health, especially in warm regions.

It seems to me that a hygienic shower is a reasonable and simply banal increase in the level of hygiene. Personally, I made such a shower at home and I am very satisfied.

Eat in small pieces and do not take food until you have chewed the previous one

I also found the Muslim rules regarding food helpful. For example, friends told me that there is such a rule that you cannot take a new portion of food while you are chewing the previous one. And also that the portions should be small. It seems that everything is logical, but sometimes these rules are not enough!

I took them as a note and began to strictly follow them. I noticed two things. First, I began to eat faster, with less food. Secondly, I started having problems with my stomach less often.

I think this is due to the fact that we often grab food too greedily when we are hungry, and this harms our health. And such rules help to avoid this.