Islamophobia threatens the security of Europe

Against the background of the growing popularity of the far-right in European countries, the number of crimes based on Islamophobia has increased. This is stated in the report of the Political, Economic and Social Research Foundation of Turkey (SETA) on the topic: “The situation in the field of Islamophobia in Europe in 2018”, based on the analysis of processes and factors that directly or indirectly contributed to the growth of xenophobia in European countries.

The authors of the report note that the growth of crime on religious grounds poses a threat not only to Muslims, but also to security and stability in all of Europe.

The report emphasizes that the growth of Islamophobia is manifested in all spheres of social life in Europe, including business, the spheres of education and justice.

As “Andolo” reports, 70 incidents based on Islamophobia were recorded in Belgium last year. At the same time, insults and attacks on Muslim women took place in 74 percent of cases, the report says.

In Austria, the number of crimes based on Islamophobia in 2018 was 540, which is 74 percent more than in 2017 (309), the document notes.

According to the report, an increase in the number of attacks on Muslims was also recorded in France in 2018. Muslims in this country were attacked 676 times last year, a 54 percent increase from 2017.

In Germany last year, 678 attacks on Muslims, 40 provocations in the area of mosques were recorded. The far-right in Germany attacked migrant accommodation centers 173 times.

Last year, 151 crimes on religious grounds were recorded in Norway. In 91 percent of cases, insults and attacks on Muslims took place. In Great Britain in 2011-2018, a 415 percent increase in crime based on Islamophobia was recorded.