Imam Mahdi

The coming of the Savior, who will change the world and establish justice and the triumph of justice in a society that suffers from violence and crimes, is mentioned in all heavenly scriptures and divine religions. The Prophet of Islam, according to many narrations from Shia and Sunni sources, commanded: “When the whole world is filled with oppression and evil deeds (when human society turns into a society of predators), my eleventh son will appear, whose name and horse match my name” pit and horse “Muhammad” and “Abu al-Qasim”, will put an end to all misfortunes and spread Islam throughout the world.”
The characteristics of the twelfth Imam, His Holiness the Mahdi, are contained in traditions of Sunni and Shiite origin. Here are some of them.
His Eminence is a descendant of the Prophet, Ali, Fatima and Hussein. He is the ninth descendant of Imam Husain, and the sixth – Imam Sadiq, and the fourth – Imam Riza, and the son of Hasan Askari. He has two periods of absence, or, to be more precise, hidden from view. The first is short-lived, the second is very long. The second absence is so long that those whose faith is weak will gradually begin to doubt. His Holiness’s life will be very long. When he appears, justice and righteousness will reign and divine rule will be established throughout the world. These and other signs contained in hundreds of Shia and Sunni traditions are given so that people can recognize those who pretend to be the Promised Mahdi, not fall for their deceptions and not stray from the righteous path.
The twelfth Imam Mahdi was born in 255 or 256 AH in the city of Samarra. Before the year 260, many saw his eminence as a child in the house of his father, Imam Hasan Askari, and could observe in him the signs of greatness and characteristics of the Imam. Imam Askari himself reminded people about the imamate of his son within the permissible limits.
From the year 260, when the highly respected Imam Askari died, his eminence disappeared (because the Abbasid caliphs intended to kill him and made every effort to arrest his eminence). Meanwhile, during the seventy-year term called the Little Absence, the connection of the Shiites with his eminence did not cease. It was so because during this time, four people, one at a time, were appointed by his eminence as his special representatives – people turned to them, presented their scientific and religious needs to them and received worthy answers. From 329, when the fourth special representative died, a period of great absence began. For this period, His Eminence did not appoint special representatives and handed over authority over the people to great faqihs (Islamic jurists) and religious scholars, so that with their help the people could learn the religious laws.
More than a thousand years have passed since the beginning of the great absence, and the Shiites are waiting for the appearance of his light, the embodiment of divine justice and justice, so that he will put an end to the miseries of Muslims and lead them to the path of happiness and true Islam.
Waiting for the Imam of the Age does not at all mean that Muslims should sit back and wait for his arrival and do nothing to achieve the goals of Islam. On the contrary, as the great Islamic scholars and theologians have always said, all Muslims and Shiites under any circumstances are obliged to contribute with all their might to the spread of Islamic education, to oppose evil and vices within their capabilities. All Muslims should try to provide the prerequisites for the triumph of justice, that is, to educate society in such a way that everyone wants it, and if evil and violence reign in the world now, it is necessary to fight against them together. Yes, every Muslim is obliged to be self-sacrificing in the name of faith and Islam and always be ready to meet Mahdi the Promised One to stand in one line with him.
As discussed above, His Holiness the Imam of the Age has been absent from 260 AH until today. The time of his appearance among us is unknown to anyone, and we must refute the words of anyone who will name the date of his appearance.
Yes, on the day when evil and violence will reach their peak, when people will no longer want to put up with them and will demand true justice, that is, when their way of thinking will change and the Lord Almighty will consider the arrival of his holiness necessary and useful, his holiness will appear and will turn the world into a perfect place and a heavenly flower garden.