Gadir Hum

In the last year of the life of His Holiness the dear Prophet of Islam (may Allah bless him and his family!), a farewell Hajj took place with the participation of a huge number of people. Not only the residents of Medina participated in this “farewell hajj”, Muslims from all over the Arabian Peninsula accompanied the Prophet during this historic event.
It was Thursday in the tenth year of the lunar Hijra, and exactly eight days had passed since the Feast of Sacrifice, when suddenly the Prophet instructed his companions to stop and encamp under the burning Sun and in the lifeless desert called Ghadir Khum.
The prophet instructed everyone to prepare to hear a new revelation received from the Lord, which was presented in the form of a long sermon. Therefore, people began to prepare a step from camel saddles, and the prophet got up and praised the Most High and, addressing the people, deigned to say: “I will very soon answer the call of my Lord and leave you. I have responsibilities, just as you have responsibilities. How will you testify about me?”.
The people shouted loudly: “We bear witness that you have fulfilled your mission, guided us, and exerted all your efforts for our guidance. May Allah reward you with the best reward.”
Then His Eminence continued: “O people, do you bear witness to the oneness of God and that I am His servant and messenger? That heaven and hell are true, that Allah will raise the dead and all this is true? The people answered, “Yes, we testify that it is true.” The Prophet said, “Lord, be witness.”
Then His Eminence continued: “Oh people! Do you hear my voice?”. They answered: “Yes!”. Then silence reigned in the desert, and nothing but the singing of the wind disturbed it. The Prophet continued, “O people, pay attention to the two jewels that I am leaving behind.” Someone from the crowd asked: “What are the two jewels?”.
The Prophet replied: “One of them is the Book of Allah, which stretches from the heavens to the earth. Hold fast to the Book of Allah and do not let it go, lest you go astray. Another jewel is my family (Ahl al-Bayt). Allah Almighty has informed me that these two jewels will never be separated from each other until they join me at the source of Paradise. Do not go ahead of them and do not fall behind them, because then you will perish.”
Suddenly, the people saw the prophet looking around in all directions, as if looking for someone. And as soon as he saw Ali (peace be upon him!) he took his hand and raised it up, and people recognized him as the invincible warrior of Islam, Ali. Then the prophet wanted to say: “O people! Who is closer to believers than they are to themselves?”. The people replied: “God and His Messenger know better than we do.” The Prophet said: “Indeed, Allah is my king, and I am the ruler of the believers, and I am closer to the believers than they are to themselves.” Then the Prophet deigned to say: “For everyone to whom I am the master, Ali is his master.” The prophet repeated these words three times, according to some traditions four times. He finished his sermon, sweat poured from the faces and heads of the Prophet, Ali and the people. And the people did not have time to disperse, when the Angel of Revelation came down and read to the prophet (may Allah bless him and his family!) the following verse: “Today those who did not believe have despaired of your religion. But don’t be afraid of them, but be afraid of me. This day I have perfected the religion for you, completed my mercy, and am content with Islam as a religion.” Sura “Meal”, verse 3). The Prophet said: “Allah is great! He completed the message of religion and fully showed His mercy. God is pleased with my prophetic mission and Ali’s leadership after me.”