9 // Lesson nine


The third principle of religion is belief in prophecy and the prophetic mission of prophets sent by God to guide and guide people, and the number of prophets, according to some traditions, is 124,000.

The last of them, after whom there were no more prophets, was His Eminence Muhammad bin Abdullah, may Allah bless him and his family, the great and respected prophet of Islam.

Necessity of the prophetic mission of the prophets

It is absolutely clear that the wise Creator of the world created this great world imperfectly. It is also clear that the purpose of prophecy for the Most High Lord is not to obtain a benefit for Himself, because as we said in the previous lessons, the Most High Lord has no shortcomings and does not need anything in order to satisfy His needs and improve Himself by creating the world.

Therefore, the purpose of Creation must be addressed to the created and the only purpose that can be imagined from the creation of the world is the improvement of beings and, in particular, man. This raises the question: how and in what ways does the comprehensive improvement of a person take place?

It is natural that the development and improvement of a person without a certain program and a divine teacher is impossible, because, as a result of their limitations in the sense of knowledge and awareness of reality, non-divine leaders and leaders are not able to properly lead a person. They also, given their insecurity from making mistakes, do not have the proper competence to lead people (except, of course, who will follow the divine leaders).

At the same time, the divine leader and leader, taking into account the connection with the divine world and protection from any mistakes and sins, can direct people to true happiness, not allowing any mistakes in his leadership.

In accordance with the above, we come to the conclusion that the program of human education is drawn up by the Lord God, who knows about all human needs, is aware of the benefit and harm to the human race. This program is for people from people worthy of the title of prophet and connected with the divine world.

Man is a social being

Everything confirms the opinion that man is a social being, that is, he cannot lead his life alone and is forced to live together with other people. This community of life creates society. Undoubtedly, such a way of life as a result of human relations leads to disagreements and conflicts. And if there were no correct and just law to govern human society, society would never be able to achieve happiness and perfection.

In this regard, the need for a correct, stable and fair law that can protect the rights of the individual and society is very clear. Here it should be noted that some law should be established? Who is the best founder of laws and what are his conditions?

The primary condition of the legislator is awareness of the mental, physical, sensual and instinctive characteristics of those for whom this law is being drafted, and such comprehensive awareness is not acceptable to anyone but Allah. Because He is the Creator and only He is able to know about what is happening in the external and internal world of a person, aware of his mental, physical and other features. Therefore, it is he who can make laws for a person with those that were useful to him throughout his life and saved him from destruction. The Lord Almighty presented these laws to people with the help of selected prominent and sin-free people so that humanity could achieve its all-round perfection thanks to these laws.

Another role of prophets in leading people is that they are the first executors of divine decrees. This means that, in addition to bringing God’s law to people, they are teachers and educators who taught people to follow these laws and are themselves a practical example of this of the law so that others, following their path, establish the law of God at the head of the program of their practical actions.

In view of this, the society of people who believe in Allah is of the opinion that the Lord sent a prophet or prophets in all times in order to teach people divine laws and guide them to happiness and perfection.

Someone asked his Holiness Imam Sadik: – What is the reason for the necessity of the prophetic mission of the prophets?

His Eminence replied: -When it is proved by irrefutable evidence that we have a wise Creator and a Creator who created us from nothing, and it is proven that God has no material existence and stands above all his creations and no created being can to see, to talk with Him about the faithfulness or wickedness of one’s actions and to ask Him questions, then there will be a need for the presence of God’s messengers in order to direct people in the direction of good and happiness, to express to them what is harmful and what is beneficial to them and in at all times these guides must be among the people, so that the earth does not remain without the governors of the Lord.