6 // Lesson six

God is one and has no equal

We can prove the unity of God in many different ways. But in this lesson we will limit ourselves to only two arguments.

The first argument

The unity and indivisibility of the world of being is a clear evidence of the unity of the Creator of the worlds. Suppose you have a 500-page book in front of you and you haven’t read it yet. At this point, you don’t know whether this entire book is the brainchild of a single contributor, or whether each chapter was written by different writers. In order to understand this you have to read the whole book. If you notice that the style, method of presentation and arguments are unchanged, then you will not doubt that this entire work belongs to the pen of the same author. Because if this book was the work of two or more authors, then one way or another, the lack of coordination was manifested in the book.
This difference and discoordination, no matter how small, insignificant and imperceptible for ordinary readers, is very clearly manifested for specialists, who can determine that this book was written by more than one author. With this preface, we begin the study of the world of Creation, which, according to scientists, is the “book of the Lord of the worlds” and we turn to the opinion of specialists in all fields of science related to the world of Creation, in order to make sure that all or the pages of this great book are coordinated and make harmony. If harmony and coordination are manifested here, then this will be the most convincing argument for the unity of its Creator. When we ask this question to specialists in these fields who study all aspects and sides of this world, they all unanimously affirm the single order and order that prevails in the entire world of Creation. They claim that this world is based on a single scheme and its laws are so universal and harmonious that by conducting a test in relation to the smallest essence one can learn the great laws that extend to the whole world.
This harmony is confirmed by all scientists in the field of biology, physics, atomic physics and astronomy.
What harmony could be greater than the fact that the solar system and other planetary systems obey the same laws as a small atom. In particular, we know that the planets in their orbits move under the influence of gravity and centrifugal force.
An atom, hundreds of millions of which fit into a space of less than one millimeter, is also subject to these two opposite laws (gravitational force and centrifugal force) and accordingly electrons in the orbit of gravity move around protons.
If we transfer our view to the world of flora and fauna, to the world of people and animals, then here too we will encounter this harmony: the general law of fertility, common among plants and animals, has a similarity that has led some scientists to the opinion that “all species, in fact, take their origin from one species”.
When you study the various speeches, transferred to paper from tape, can you not perceive that these speeches represent the power of influence of the speech of one speaker? Undoubtedly, from the similarity of style, construction of sentences, used phrases, as well as the harmony of motivations, you can know the truth.
The World of Creation is also like a book that has an innumerable set of unnumbered pages and every page and even every line has been studied and is being studied by thousands of scientists. All of them are of the opinion that this entire book is subject to a general and uniform law. For example, the law of causality prevails everywhere. The law of gravity reigns throughout the world of matter. All atoms have a central nucleus. The law of light is spread equally everywhere. Isn’t this unity and harmony in the book of Creation a testimony to the fact that its Creator is one and only?

If the world had two creators, wouldn’t the methods of their management be different and wouldn’t different measures be taken? One of the prominent and young students of Imam Sadiq (PBUH) Hisham once asked his eminence “What is the proof of the oneness of God?” In response, His Eminence gave the above-mentioned argument and said in a short form: – The interconnectedness and harmony of the world of Creation, the perfection of all beings is a testimony to the unity of its Creator.

The second argument for the unity of God

The second argument for the oneness of God is that all the prophets sent by the Lord to instruct and guide people and by creating miracles and by various arguments proved their prophetic mission, they all called people to monotheism and to worship the one Lord. It is clear that if God were not one, then every prophet called people to his gods, who directed him to people. If we assume that there were gods who did not send prophets to guide people. then it will be nonsense, because it is absolutely impossible for God to be so indifferent to the most worthy of creatures (i.e. man) and not send them a leader who would strive to lead them to happiness. The Emir of the Orthodox (DBM) in a sentence addressed to Imam Hussein (DBM) points to this truth: – Oh my son! Know that if there were another god besides the Lord God alone, then, without a doubt, there would also be prophets. If you see that all our prophets call to one God, this in itself is the best evidence that there is no deity but Allah, and if there was another god, then without a doubt the reza would have manifestedthe flight of power and might, and seeing that we cannot perceive any other results, be assured that God has no equal.