5 // Lesson five

Signs of God

All signs and qualities that give a person greatness and power and eliminate all needs and shortcomings from him are called signs of perfection. For example, qualities such as knowledge and wisdom remove ignorance from the possessor of knowledge and wisdom and remove the deficiency (i.e. ignorance). He who is weak and infirm is also endowed with a defect, and the signs of strength and power remove his defect, and the Lord, the Creator of the worlds, possesses all these qualities of perfection and is devoid of any defects, pure and blameless. He who removes all the needs of the world of existence and bestows all the benefits and perfections of the world, namely the Lord God, must himself possess all the qualities of perfection. Because it is absolutely unthinkable that someone could endow others with the qualities of perfection and not possess them himself. It is similar to the fact that an illiterate person could teach literacy to the illiterate. And now let’s consider this issue a little more broadly.

The Lord is wise, almighty and alive

The qualities and signs of the Lord can be known by observing the beings He created. For, the vast world of being, in which everything is absolutely clearly placed in its place and all beings are created with all their specific features and criteria, is the greatest proof that its Creator and Creator possesses knowledge, wisdom and power. This amazing order and order, which reigns over the world of existence, is evidence that its Creator is aware of the secret and hidden things of all beings, the factors of their existence and death, the conditions of life and death, and creates each creation with his comprehensive and perfect wisdom.
If we think about the qualities of wisdom and power of the Creator of the worlds, we can realize his other qualities, namely, that he is alive. Because the necessary quality of knowledge and strength is life. Anyone endowed with wisdom and power must be alive.
The Lord Almighty in his composition (the Koran) presents himself as endowed with all the qualities of perfection, namely, that he is wise, all-powerful and alive and devoid of any shortcomings, needs, pure and flawless:
“Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing!”
“Indeed, Allah is all-powerful and powerful over everything!”
“He is eternally alive and there is no god but Him”

As it was said above, the world of Creation with all its secrets and secrets absolutely clearly proves the Wisdom and power of the Creator of the worlds, but we do not understand the degree of wisdom and power and His other qualities, because the level of our thinking is limited and we are not able to know the essence of truth or quality Lord Almighty, unlimited in any sense. Yes, the thought of any person, no matter how high it soars, is not able to rise above this infinitely high and impregnable fortress. We are not capable and do not even have the task of comprehending the essence of the truth and qualities of the Lord Almighty. It is natural that we can and what is required of us – through scrupulous studies in the world of Creation and evidence of divine majesty to understand the existence of Allah and his qualities. As for the essence of the truth and qualities of Allah, they will never be revealed to us and we should not even hope for this is because as our religious leaders said: “Everything we can imagine in our minds is not God, it is just a figment of our imagination and returns to ourselves.”

God hears and sees

the one who hears and sees is in the sense that he hears and sees. This concept means that the Lord Almighty sees everything and hears everything, sees everyone and hears all beings.
Eyes and ears are the means of seeing and hearing in humans and animals, but when we say that the Lord sees and hears, it does not mean that he has eyes and ears. This means that the Lord Almighty is aware of everything visible and audible, and it is quite clear that his knowledge and wisdom in order to see and hear do not need eyes and ears.
Imam Sadyk (DBM) says about this: – If we say that God sees and hears, it does not mean that he sees and hears like us with eyes and ears, he sees without eyes and hears without ears.
Now you can ask the question: “What is the proof that God sees and hears?” The answer to this question is quite simple, because we have come across that the Lord has infinite knowledge and is aware of everything, and the necessary means for knowledge is the need to see everything and hear everything.
Therefore, in order to prove these two qualities (seeing and hearing) there is no need for separate evidence. In addition, as we noted above, the Lord of the worlds must have at his disposal all the qualities of perfection and be devoid of any defects, and seeing and hearing in the named concept means the presence of a kind of perfection and the absence of defects.