3 // Lesson three

Orderliness of the world is the best evidence of the existence of God

If we take for example a watch, a sewing machine, a refrigerator, an engine of a car or an airplane or a rocket, then we notice that each of them has a special arrangement and orderliness. Can you imagine that all these precise devices were created by themselves and without the intervention of scientists and designers? If you consider it unreasonable to suggest that the engine of the airplane with its strange order was created by itself, then where did this very strictly ordered order and order that dominates the entire world of being, every corner of which acts a thousand times more orderly than car or plane engine? Where did this amazing and mysterious system and order appear, embedded in all creatures of this world and it does not appear so mysterious that it strangely attracted the attention of all thinkers. A not so long reflection leads the human consciousness to the idea that this very strictly ordered order of the world, all the most diverse creatures in the world have their wise and all-powerful Creator. In order to realize the strict orderliness existing in the world of being, it is enough to take, for example, at least one of the members of the human body, for example, the eyes. This small device “eyes” is so precise and mysterious that ophthalmologists, having spent centuries studying and learning its secrets, still could not recognize all the secrets hidden in it. At the same time, can any person who considers himself reasonable claim that the eye device with its strange structure and very precise order can be created by itself. Is not the device of the respiratory apparatus or the circulatory system and other parts of the human body, created on the basis of special laws and principles, which are not a testimony to the fact that they have their wise and powerful Creator and they are all created with a special and very precise calculation. If we leave aside the question of man and imagine a grain of wheat or an almond kernel, which grows from the ground and after some time gives a sprout or a fruit tree, then we can notice that from the same time as the grain of wheat falls into the ground, it gives green a sprout and turns into a plant full of ears of wheat, which only precise and complex processes do not take place in connection with this grain until this grain of wheat or almond kernel completes the entire cycle of development. What complex processes are not involved in this case. And, in fact, the sun, air and water, seasons of the year, days and nights, all these amazing and great processes, like sisters of mercy, pass from hand to hand this seed or kernel until it turns into a stem of wheat or an almond tree. Isn’t this stalk of wheat or an almond kernel enough to realize the existence of a wise and all-powerful God and his will? Can we say that this whole system was created by itself? Can the human mind allow itself such that the sun, the moon, the stars, the seasons of the year, the change of day and night, everything and everything did not have their Creator and were created by themselves? Mufazzil, one of the students of the sixth Imam of His Eminence Sadiqa, once said to His Eminence: -When we give an explanation about the order and order in the world of Creation, materialists who doubt the existence of God or deny His existence say that all this is created by nature! His Eminence Imam Sadyk replied: – If by nature they mean that which has reason, strength and will, then it is God and they are mistaken in his name. If by the concept of nature they mean something that does not have wisdom, power and will, then this is impossible, because they do not know anything, nature cannot create such an amazingly accurate and ordered world system. In short, reason requires that the world of existence should have its Creator, omniscient and omnipotent, that is, God, and it is absolutely impossible that an unintelligent nature could create such a clearly functioning system.