The “sword” in Muhammad’s hands is a weapon of mercy and his weapon is sharper than a steel sword

Even impartial historians, politicians, and statesmen recognize Prophet Muhammad as a grand personality of all centuries. The spiritual sun of our world and one of the brightest arguments of our Creator is the personality of the Prophet Muhammad. With the help of the light he brought, in a short time he made the most backward, the most ignorant people a spiritual teacher of the world. The era that preceded the appearance of the Prophet was characterized by ignorance. It was an era of tyranny and slavery, where the very foundation of humanity was undermined by criminal luxury and idleness – on the one hand, hopelessness and turmoil – on the other. Religions that called themselves “divine” (Judaism and Christianity) have already become victims of change and destruction, the teachings of the prophets have been forgotten, and the clergy have become associated with the ruling classes of their countries. They helped them satisfy their carnal desires and maintain unjust political and economic systems, cooperated with them in obtaining illegal benefits at the expense of the people.
The position of society in the period of Jahiliyyah

The sixth century is a dark period in human history. The position of women was terrible. In the event of the death of the husband, they were not allowed to remarry. The social customs of the Arabs were absolutely disgusting. They are mired in depravity, perversion, and gloomy idolatry. Women were deprived of the right of inheritance. Newborn daughters were buried alive in the ground. There were constant wars between the tribes. In the pre-Islamic world there was no nation, no society where customs could be called healthy. When mankind was suffocating in its death agony, Prophet Muhammad came to bring mankind back to life and out of darkness into light. At dawn on the 12th or 17th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, Monday, which fell on April 20, 571 AD, our Prophet was born. With his noble arrival, everything in the world changed its course. In a hadith transmitted by Ibn Abbas, it is said: “The Messenger of Allah was born on Monday, on Monday he arrived in Medina, on Monday he left for the Other World. On Monday, he installed the Hajarul Aswad stone in the Kaaba. On Monday, a victory was won at Badra. On Monday, the third verse of Surah al-Maida was sent: “Today I have completed your religion for you” (Ahmad,, 277; Haysami,, 196).

The Messenger of Allah said the following words about his origin: “I was born in the family of my parents, not defiled by the filth and filth of the age of ignorance. I have always, since the time of Adam, appeared as the fruit of marriage – no one, but I will not commit adultery until I reach my father and my mother” (Ibn Kasir, “Al-Bidaiya”, II, 260). The Messenger of Allah also said: “I was a Prophet already at the time when Adam was in creation between spirit and flesh” (Tirmidhi, Manaqeb). The opinions of non-Muslims are far from Islam, many of them were brought up in a hostile anti-Islamic environment. Despite all this, the conscience and inner voice of these people urges them to speak the truth:

American historian Michael Hart

When the famous American historian Michael Hart wrote the book “The Greatest Hundred in History” and put the name of the Prophet Muhammad under No. 1, he shocked the enemies of Islam, especially Jews and Christians, who consider it an insult. Hart made his arguments: “Since there are about twice as many Christians in the world as there are Muslims, it may seem surprising at first that Muhammad is ranked higher than Jesus. There are two reasons for this decision: the first is that Muhammad played a much greater role in the development of Islam than Jesus. Although Jesus was the initiator of the main ethical and moral commandments of Christianity, the apostle Paul was the main creator of Christian theology, its principle convert follower and the author of most of the New Testament. Muhammad was the creator of both the theology of Islam and its main ethical and moral principles. In addition, he played a key role in converting many to the new faith and in establishing the religious practice of Islam.” Hart goes on to write: “My choice to place Muhammad first on the list of the greatest people in the world may surprise some readers, and many may have questions, but he was the only person in history who reached such heights on both the religious and secular levels. “.

American Lieutenant General Jamie Gavin

After the publication of Hart’s book, the famous magazine “Time” conducted a survey of a number of historians, writers, military personnel and many others regarding the choice of historical figures. American lieutenant general Jamie Gavin says: “Among the historical figures who had the greatest influence on the course of history, I would name Muhammad, Jesus Christ, maybe Lenin, maybe Mao.”

Professor-psychoanalyst Julis Masserman

Professor of the University of Chicago, psychoanalyst Jules Masserman says: “Historical figures must fulfill three functions: 1. The leader must anticipate that his actions will promote well-being and prosperity. 2. The leader, or the future leader, must ensure a society in which people will feel relatively safe. 3. A leader must instill faith in his people, one and all.” Masserman concludes: “Perhaps the greatest historical figure of all time was Muhammad,

who combined all these three functions, and to a lesser extent Moses u who did the same.’ We cannot help but admire Masserman, who, being a Jew, so openly proclaims to the whole world that not Jesus, not Moses, but Muhammad was “the greatest historical leader of all time.”

The great German poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang Goethe

He wrote: “No one can surpass the principles of the Prophet Muhammad. Despite all the successes that have fallen to the fate of Europe, all the laws and systems established by the Europeans are insufficient compared to the Islamic culture. We, the peoples of Europe, despite the possibilities of civilization, are still on the first rung of the ladder of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), who is on the highest, highest rung. There is no doubt that no one will be able to surpass him in this state.” The famous English historian De Lacy O’Leary writes: “History, however, shows absolutely clearly that the legend of Muslim fanatics who go around the world and convert enslaved peoples to Islam by force of arms is one of the most fantastic and absurd myths that historians have ever told.”

Islam is a weapon of mercy

In this regard, the speech of the famous Indian scientist and public figure Charles Shastri is interesting: “They (Muhammad’s critics) see fire instead of light, ugliness instead of good. They distort and represent every good quality as a great vice. Critics are blind. They fail to see that the only “sword” in Muhammad’s hands is the weapon of mercy. It is a weapon that subdues enemies and purifies their hearts. His weapon is sharper than a steel sword.”

Islam is the only doctrine that has no equal, which, having appeared, proclaimed the principle of peace in the whole world, which is in harmony with the mind, soul, and conscience, and managed to win victory over the enemies through persuasion.

Modern sociologists have established the following fact: in a period of less than a quarter of a century (in just 23 years!), he passed such a path to human progress that people could not overcome in several centuries. At first he was supported by: one woman (Khadija’s wife), one man (Ali’s cousin) All of Arabia was hostile to the Prophet Muhammad. In the midst of a hurricane of hatred and persecution, he stood firm as a rock, despite the high hostility towards him of the great powers, his own people and tribe. Alone, his resistance to the onslaught of the whole world and his victory in it, and his elevation of Islam to the world level – all this proves that both in the prophetic mission and the call of people to the truth, there was and will be no equal to him. Source: “naturalworld” website