The last days of Fatima Zahra’s life

In Islam, Shia and Sunni sources, both historical and narrative, mentioned the martyrdom of Fatima Zahra. In this article, we will briefly point out these facts. And so the last minutes of the life of Her Eminence Fatima; In the book “Kashf al-gamma” it is written: “When it came
at the time of the death of Her Eminence Fatima Zahra, she said to Asma Bent Amis: “Bring me water for ablution. Then asked for perfume and put on new clothes and said to Asma, “Asma! Gabriel (Jibril) brought forty dirhams of camphor (camphor) from Paradise on the day of my father’s death. The Prophet divided it into 3 parts: one part he kept for himself, one part he kept for me, and one part for Ali. Bring this camphor so that I can be embalmed.” After that, she lay down facing the Qibla and covered herself with cloth and said to Asma: “Wait for some time, then call me, if I did not answer you, then know that I have joined my father.” Asma waited for an hour, then called Her, when she did not hear Her answer, took off the material, and saw that She had died. So she kissed her and said: “Convey greetings on my behalf to the prophet.”
About the will of Her Majesty Fatimah, Salim Ibn Qays says: “Ibn Abbas said when Fatimah’s illness worsened, she asked His Majesty Ali and said to him: “I will you after my death to marry Emami, the daughter of my sister Zaynab. Emami, like me, loves my children and will take care of them. And I also ask you to make a coffin for my body such as the angels have already described to me, and do not allow any of the enemies of Allah to participate
in the ceremony of my funeral.” Then they wept a little, Ali placed Zahra’s head on his chest and said: “Bequeath whatever you wanted.” Yes, on that A day Fatima died. She also bequeathed that she be buried at night and embalmed with the balsam left over from embalming her father’s body. Thus, according to Her Ladyship Zahra’s will, her body was
buried at night at Baga cemetery. On the second day, when the Muslims learned of Fatima’s death, the sound of their sobs rang throughout the city of Medina. Similarly, on the day of the death of the Prophet of Islam, great fear gripped people.” When the night came, His Eminence Ali asked Abbas and his son Fazl, Meghdad, Salman, Abuzar and Ammar and performed Namaz over the late Her Eminence Fatima Zahra and buried her. In the morning, Meghdad informed Abu Bakr and Umar that they had buried Fatima last night. Umar said to Abu Bakr: “I said they would do this!” Abbas said: “Fatima herself has bequeathed that you should not participate in her funeral ceremony. There is a disagreement among scientists about the date of martyrdom. of Fatima Zahra, as well as her age at the time of her martyrdom. Most reliable data indicate that the martyrdom of Her Eminence Fatima Zahra took place on the 3rd of Jamdi al-Sana (the sixth month of the lunar calendar), when she was 18 years old.