The history of the prophets: Prophet Ayyub (Job) – An example of patience

The history of the prophets: Prophet Ayyub (Job) – An example of patience

The history of the prophets is an important aspect of religious studies. It is from the history of the prophets that monotheistic religions begin. The first man in this world, Adam, was also the first prophet, which also shows the importance of this topic. Also, there is a lot of misinformation about the history of the prophets. We will try to tell the correct history of the prophets very briefly from the Qur’an and from the hadiths of the Prophet of Islam and the Ahlibayt. In this article, we will learn only about the prophet Job, in Christianity and Judaism he is called Job.

Somewhere about 2500 years ago on the land of Hebron – this is the territory of Palestine El-Khalil, there lived a man from the grandchildren of the Prophet Joseph. This pious man was Job. He married Rahima, she was also from the family of the prophet Joseph. They lived happily ever after. God blessed Job with many blessings. He gave him sons and daughters, he had arable land and large pastures for cows, many sheep and goats. One day an angel came to him and told him that he was a prophet. Everyone loved Job, he was a good man and God glorified him to the status of a prophet.

Job loved the poor, he gave them food and clothing. The poor and needy came to Ayub’s house from afar, took food and clothes not only for themselves, but also for their children and their families, and returned to their cities rejoicing. People loved God’s prophet Job, he called people to the One God, to good deeds and to the right path.

So lived Ayyub. He worked in the fields, his wife did the flour, and his daughters and maids helped him. The sons of Ayub took food and clothing with them and began to look for the poor and needy.

Job always thanked God for giving him so much wealth and children. He helped everyone. Many livestock, fields, animals and children did not prevent him from thanking God often.

He believed that all his wealth came by the grace of Almighty God. Therefore, he always remembered God and thanked Him very, very much, prayed, did good deeds. This is how the life and prophecy of Job continued for years.


Satan was jealous of Job, he tried to control people and lead them astray. So he tempted and seduced the people and said to them, “Job is afraid that God will take away from him all his possessions. If Job becomes poor, he will no longer worship God and prostrate himself before him.”

People listened to Satan’s temptations and believed him. They changed their opinion about Job and said, “Yes, if he worships God, it is only because He has given him precious blessings. He is afraid that God will take everything away from him. Therefore, if Ayyub befalls trouble, he will stop worshiping God. If God takes away His blessings from him, he will no longer prostrate before God.” In this way, Satan confused the opinion of the inhabitants of the city.


God wanted to show people the lies of Satan the Devil. He wanted to explain to them the truth and sincerity of His servant and prophet Job, his patience, steadfastness and faith. He worshiped God and thanked him for his blessings. Her sons took sacks of food and hastened to help the poor, the needy, travelers and travelers. His wife, Rahim, made flour at the mill. Others made firewood, and some fetched water from the spring. Shepherds led their flocks to the pasture. Everything happened naturally. And so, Ayub’s problems began. One calamity after another befell him. And he lost everything.


Ayub’s suffering did not end. Not only were his fields burned to the ground, but his animals were destroyed. He experienced another tragedy. All his sons and daughters are dead. Ayyub was left with only his wife Rahim. Ayyub’s house was empty. They no longer had children. He was already sick. And his poor wife was crying all the time. Satan did not leave Job alone, he came to him and tempted him, but he turned only to God: “Oh, my God, I know that you are the source of all good and blessings. Divine, give me patience and endurance.” And Satan Iblis fled far away. Nothing scares Satan more than the memory of God. Satan fears nothing, just as he fears the name of God.


Satan did not leave his temptation. He wanted to finally defeat Ayub. And he went to the townspeople, to the inhabitants of Hebron and said to them: “God is angry with Job. He sent him troubles and calamities. Job committed a great sin and was cursed by God. It is very scary that Ayyub remains in this city. You too can face God’s wrath. It is better to drive him out of the city.” The people of Hebron listened to Satan’s temptations and tested him, forced Job and his wife to leave the city. Ayyub said: “What happened to me is a test from God. God also felt the prophets before me. Fear God, O people of Hebron! Do not insult your Prophet!” But Job prayed even for them: “Oh, my God, I will leave the city and live in the desert. Forgive the ignorance of these people! If they could determine the truth, they would not have done this to their prophet.”


And so Ayub’s misfortunes reached such a degree that the people of Hebron drove him out of the house. They were afraid, they thought that the wrath of God would reach them, “as the wrath of God reached Job and his family.” They forgot the good that Job did to the poor and needy. They are Mr

Satan obeyed and left him alone in the midst of trouble and weakness. And Satan laughed at them.

He was left with no one but his faithful wife Rahima. His wife believed in him alone. He knew that Job, like other prophets, was in trouble, it was a test and trial of God. She should be with her husband and not leave him alone. Rahima worked in the homes of Hebron residents to earn a piece of bread for herself and her husband, she worried about him. Because there were wolves in this desert. And Ayyub was sick and weak and could not stand up and defend himself. But he endured trials with firm faith in God.

There were rumors about Job, one day he said to God: “Oh, my God! I agree with everything from you. Goodness is in Your hands. You are capable of everything. My illness is in Your hands. Only You can restore my health. I tolerate all troubles, but it is difficult for me to tolerate the rumors that are going around about me.” Allah replied: “O My Prophet, It is I who have given you patience for everything. It was I who helped you all the time.” Job worshiped God. He thanked God. He never moaned. He did not lose faith in God. God is the source of all blessings and goodness. He alone is Almighty.


One day two men came to Ayyub. They looked at him. One of them said: “What sin have you committed that God has brought such troubles upon you? Did you do something unpleasant? And you hide it from people, and God punishes you?!

Ayyub was worried, but answered: “I swear by the greatness of my Lord! I did not eat until the orphan was eaten. The weakest people were with me and I always helped them. I have never sinned.” And began to pray to God. Yes, all prophets are sinless and blameless throughout their lives. This law is the condition of prophecy.

The two men were amazed at Ayub’s patience and endurance. Suddenly the place lit up with a clear and beautiful light. A beautiful aroma filled the space. Job saw an angel descending from heaven. The angel said to him: “We salute you, O Prophet of God Job. Oh, servant of God, Job! Your prayer has been accepted. God has rewarded you for your patience.” Ayyub felt light in his heart. Suddenly a source of cool and tasty water boiled. Ayub drank from this beautiful water and washed himself. The heat of health appeared on the face. The weakness is completely gone. He was freed from suffering and everything he lost was returned to him.

The story of Ayub became a lesson of patience for all people. Verses 83-84 of surah “al-Anbiya” in the Holy Qur’an say: “Remember Ayyub, when he called upon his Lord and said: “Trouble and misfortune have befallen me, but You are the Most Merciful of the Merciful.” We accepted his prayer. We overcame his difficulties. We returned his family. We have multiplied them, by Our mercy and as a reminder to bow down.”

The article was prepared by:
Theologian: Namik Babakhanov (Kyiv-Ukraine)