The annual procession of Arbain

Every year during the month of Muharram, mourning events are held in many cities and countries of the world to commemorate the martyrdom of the beloved grandson of the Prophet of Islam. And after 40 days, the largest procession in the history of mankind is held, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, which was named Arbain. Arbain is a procession of millions of loving hearts to Karbala, where the tomb of the Lord of Martyrs, His Eminence Imam Hussain, is located. Every year, during the Arba’in procession, about 20 million people symbolically cover a distance of almost 80 km on foot from the Holy City of Najaf to the city of Karbala to gather around the tomb of Imam Hussain and make a pilgrimage.