Muslims against the bill to divide Al-Aqsa between Jews and Muslims

The Prime Minister of Palestine, Muhammad Shtaiyeh, expressed serious concern about the draft law of the “Likud” party, which proposes to divide Al-Aqsa between Muslims and Jews, reports Arab News. The politician called on Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Egypt to put pressure on Israel to prevent the adoption and implementation of this bill.
The author of the idea to divide the mosque, which is sacred for Muslims, is the member of parliament Amit Halevi. The deputy plans to submit the bill to the Knesset in the near future. Halevi proposes to give the territory, which includes the courtyard of the Dome of the Rock Mosque and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, extending to the northern border, to the Jews. “This move will cause widespread anger and lead to unforeseeable consequences, given the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for Palestinians, Arabs and all Muslims,” Staye said, noting that such brazen encroachment on the Islamic shrine risks transforming the political conflict between Israel and Palestine into a religious war. .