More and more Maori Indians are converting to Islam

The number of Maori Indians who practice Islam is growing rapidly, and according to scientists, this may be related to the close values of the Maori culture and Islam. Maori are the indigenous inhabitants of the islands of New Zealand. Their number is about 750,000 people. According to researcher and Islamic expert from Victoria University of Wellington Aiki Arkilic, the 1991 census showed that there were 99 Maori Muslims, while the 2018 census showed 1,160 Maori Muslims, Waatea News reports. According to Arkilic, the reasons for the conversion of Indians to Islam can be largely related to common values – both Muslims and Maori pay great attention to respect for the older generation and care for the elderly, and in both cultures family values are of particular importance. and even the tradition of removing shoes before entering places of worship is common to Islam and Maori culture.