Mabas – the beginning of the Prophetic activity of Muhammad (pbuh)

“Read in the name of your Lord, Who created all things, created man from a clot of blood. Read, because your Lord is the Most Generous. He taught with the help of a writing cane – taught man what he did not know.”

These are the first verses that were sent to the Prophet of Islam on the day of Mabas. On this day, the first revelation came to Muhammad and he was chosen and declared the prophet of God (s). This day is the Mabas holiday. On this day, a person was chosen to save humanity. And his name was Muhammad (s).

The Prophet (pbuh) appeared on this earth to raise the banner of justice, to bring human hearts together and to turn disunity into unity. He comes to destroy ignorance.

Muhammad (pbuh) is the messenger of God and the savior of mankind, the creator of principles and a wonderful teacher. He spread knowledge and wisdom, the aroma of justice, brotherhood and selflessness. From the very beginning of his prophetic mission, Muhammad (pbuh) showed humanity a new way so that it could face the darkness of ignorance present in human life. Our world today needs his teachings and in the path indicated by him.

Mabasa – the day of the entry into prophecy of our dear Prophet of Islam (p) – the day of awakening and wisdom, the day of revitalization of nations and the day of spiritual and moral flourishing.

When the Almighty entrusted Prophet Muhammad (s) with the prophetic mission, Muhammad (s) was 40 years old. Thus, His Holiness Muhammad (pbuh) first of all called people to worship the one and only Allah. Despite the fact that he was not familiar with pen and paper, could neither read nor write, the first message he received from the Almighty was a call to read and study. He himself became the teacher of all mankind, the inspirer of all great centers of science and wisdom.

The French thinker Jean Gmina Berava considered His Eminence Muhammad (pbuh) to be a prophet-legislator, a powerful politician, a great leader, a strong orator and a worthy leader. He said: “Despite the fact that Muhammad was neither educated nor graduated from the universities of Rome and the schools of Iran, he had deep thoughts and knowledge. The Almighty gave him pride and greatness so that he could create a better life program and a permanent law.”