Letter of Imam Mahdi

On the 15th of Shaban, Muslims celebrate the birthday of Imam Mahdi, the following hadiths are taken from letters addressed by Imam Mahdi during the period of concealment to his chosen followers.

“Whoever wants to turn to Allah with a supplication should perform ghusli (great ablution) after midnight on Friday and then perform namaz” (Mustadrakul-Wasa’il, II, 517).

“If it were not for your prayers for the forgiveness of each other’s sins (istigfar), everything would perish on earth except for the chosen followers, whose words match their deeds” (Mustadrakul – Wasail, V, 247).

“The earthly prostration of thanksgiving is the most necessary and important of the Sunnah (approved deeds)” (Biharul-Anwar, vol. 53, p. 161).

“No deed will subdue Satan like prayer” (The above source, p. 182).

“To the extent that obligatory prayer (fard prayer) surpasses desirable prayer (Nafil prayer), so the Sawaba of prayers recited after Fard prayer surpass the Sawaba of prayers recited after Nafil prayer” (The above-mentioned source, p. 161).

“To make use of my science during my concealment is the same as making use of the Sun hidden from view behind the clouds” (The above source, p. 181).

“The time of my coming is known only to Allah, and those who appoint (determine) the time are lying” (The above-mentioned source, p. 181).

“Do not cease to pray for the approach of the day of my coming; since your salvation is in this (the above-mentioned source, p. 181).

“Build your commitment to us (Ahl al-Bayt) on the love of the Sunnah, which we have clearly explained to you. This is my will to you. Allah is witness to me and to you” (The above source, p. 179). (Here Sunnah means clear religious rules announced by the Prophet and Ahli Bayt).

“During some events, turn to those who narrate our hadiths. These are my proofs to you, and I am Allah’s proof to them” (The above source, p. 181)

“No one has the right to dispose of another’s property without permission” (The above source, p. 183).

“From the urine of an uncircumcised man (who was not circumcised) the earth suffers for forty days” (This hadith serves to show the importance of circumcision) (Wasailush-shia, XXI, 442).