Jesus in the Koran

Jesus (Isa) is revered not only by Christians, but also by followers of the religion of Islam. Muslims honor the son of Mary (Maryam) and this is one of the conditions of faith. Jesus is one of the five prophets who are called “Lords of majesty” (ulul azm). And like other prophets, Jesus is mentioned in the Holy Quran. Let us cite some verses in which the Messenger of God is told about this.

“Some people misunderstand how Isa (Jesus) was born and say that he is the son of God because he was born without a father. The Lord told them: “Jesus is like Adam, whom I created from dust without a father and without a mother.” After creating it, Allah said: “Be!” – and he became” (59 verse of the surah “Alu Imran”)

“Mary came to her people, carrying the newborn Isa (Jesus). People said to her with astonishment, condemning her: “You have done a bad thing, condemn the case! You are a descendant of the God-fearing prophet Harun (Aaron). How did you sin like this? After all, your father was not a bad person, and your mother was not a prostitute.” She pointed to the newborn Isa (Jesus) so that they could talk to him. They said, “How can we talk to a baby in a cradle?” After hearing their speech, Isa (Jesus), with the Lord’s permission, said to them: “I am the servant of my Master. He will give me the Gospel and make me a prophet. I will be blessed, I will do good deeds for the good of people and call them to good. The Master ordered me to persevere prayers and give alms of purification (zakat) as long as I live. My Lord commanded me to be respectful to my mother and commanded me to be kind to her. He did not make me cruel to people, defiant and disobedient, devoid of His mercy. Peace be upon me on the day I was born! May there be peace for me on the day I die! May there be peace for me on the day Allah resurrects me! “. Such is Isa, son of Maryam. This is the truth about Isa (Jesus), about whom they argue and doubt his prophethood” (27-34 verses of Sura “Maryam”)

On that Day, the Most High will turn to Isa, the son of Maryam, saying: “Remember my mercy and favor to you and your mother in the next life, when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit (the angel Jibril), and you spoke to people as a baby in a cradle, proving the innocence and purity of your mother, and when you grew up you spoke what I inspired you. and behold, I taught you the scriptures, wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel sent down to you from Me, and I taught you to speak freely and to come, and I gave you the ability to cause those signs beyond the power of man. And behold, you made the image of a bird out of clay and, by My permission and by My power, breathed life into it. By My permission, you healed the lepers and the blind, and also revived the dead by the will of God. Remember also how I restrained the children of Israel who wanted to crucify you and kill you, when you presented them with clear signs so that they would believe. But those of them who did not believe said that all the signs you showed were only obvious sorcery”” (110 a and surah “al-Maida”)

“And, indeed, there is no one among the people of the Scripture who did not understand the truth about Isa (Jesus) before his death – that he was God’s servant and His messenger. They believed in him, but it was too late – the time had already passed. And on the Day of Judgment, Isa (Jesus) will testify against them that he is the servant of the Most High and His Messenger and that he conveyed the Message of his Lord” (sense of verse 159 of Surah An-Nisa)

“The Lord will teach him (Jesus) the scriptures, wisdom, useful knowledge, the Torah, which was revealed to Moses (Moses), and with the Gospel, which Allah will inspire him. The Most High will make him a messenger to the children of Israel. He will prove it with signs from Allah. He will create the image of a bird from clay and blow into it, and he will be a bird tormenting the Creator. He will heal the blind from birth, the leper and revive the dead with God’s permission. He will tell them what they eat and what they store in their houses. He will say to them: “These signs are signs from God that testify to the truth of my mission, if you are believers. I was sent to you to confirm the truth of what was sent to Moses in the Torah to me, and to let you torment the Most High part of that , which was forbidden to you before. I have come to you with signs of the truth of my message. So fear Allah and obey me! God has bestowed upon me and you His goodness and mercy. Allah is my Lord and your Lord. Bow down to Him sincerely: that is straight way!” When Isa (Jesus) was sent, he called his people to the righteous path of the Most High. Most of them did not respond to his call. Seeing this, he turned to them, asking: “Who will be my helpers in the way of the Lord?” The apostles, who believed in God and in him, answered: “We are your supporters, we support you, because you call us to the path of Allah. We believed in the Creator. It will testify that we are sincerely devoted to the Lord and the righteous path of the Most High. We say: ” Our Lord, our Creator! We believed in the scriptures sent by You to Your messenger, and we followed Your messenger Jesus – peace be upon him! Write us as witnesses that Your messenger really delivered the Scriptures to us, and that the children of Israel did not believe in him.”

The infidels built secret passages, rejecting Jesus’ call to follow the straight path. But the Almighty destroys

into their wiles, and they were unsuccessful in what they sought. Indeed, Allah is stronger and wiser than all tricksters! Remember (O Muhammad!), how Allah said: “O Jesus! I will pacify you and not allow anyone to kill you, then I will bring you to Myself and save you from your enemies who intend to kill you. I will make those who who followed you and did not deviate from your religion, in power and authority higher than those who disbelieved, until the Day of Resurrection, when you will be returned to Me. I will judge between you regarding what you differed in”” (48- 55 verses of Surah “Alu Imran”)

“Remember (O Muhammad!) when the apostles said to Isa: “by Isa, son of Maryam! can your Lord send us from heaven a table of sacred food if you ask Him?” Jesus answered them: “If you truly believe in Allah, fear Him, obey His instructions, commands and prohibitions and do not ask for new signs except those that have already been presented to you.” They said: We want to taste of this food to reassure our souls about the power of Allah in whom we believe, and to make sure that you have told us the truth of what you have narrated about Allah, the Most High, and that we may witness this sign before those who have not seen him.” Isa, son of Maryam, said: “O Allah, our Creator and Lord! Send down for us food from the sky, that this day may be a festival for all those who believe among us – for us and our descendants – and that it be a sign from You, which confirms Your Truth. Grant us a good fate! You are the best of fate givers!” Allah said: “I will send down for you a meal from the sky. But whoever of you disbelieves after seeing this sign – the proof of faith that he himself asked for – I will punish him as I do not punish any of the people” (112 -115 verses of Surah “al-Maida”)

“And remember how Isa, the son of Maryam, said: “O children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah to you, confirming the truth of what was sent to me in the Torah and giving good tidings that after me there will be a Messenger, named I am to whom Ahmad “. And when a messenger appeared to them with clear signs, about which they were informed, they said: “What you have come to us with is clear sorcery.”

“All the messengers whom We have mentioned, We have given different qualities and advantages and exalted them in different degrees. with some, like Musa, Allah spoke directly, some Allah raised a degree above OTHERS, like Muhammad, who was the last to be sent the Divine Scripture (in which the Sharia is established). Among the messengers was Isa, the son of Maryam, to whom We gave clear signs – the resurrection of the dead, the healed and the afflicted. We strengthened him with the Holy Spirit (the angel Jibril). These messengers called people to the straight path of Allah. And if God had willed, people would not have fought after the clear signs of Allah’s messengers and would not have dispersed. But Allah did not will it, and they quarreled and separated And among them there were those who believed and those who disbelieved. Indeed, Allah is Wise and does what He wills” (253 verse of Surah Al-Baqarah)