Imam Ali was martyred in Ramadan

On the 21st day of Ramadan, the first Imam of the Muslims, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, the man to whom the verses of the Koran were dedicated and whom the Prophet appointed after him as the caliph of the Muslims, the father of the Imams – Imam Ali ibni Abu Talib, was martyred. He died on 21 Ramadan at the hands of a radical takfirist belonging to the Khawarij movement. On the 19th of Ramadan, the Imam who was praying in the mosque of Kufa was seriously wounded with a sword by Takfirist Abdurrahman ibni Muljam. The poisoned sword penetrated deeply into the Imam’s body and led to his death two days later.
According to historical facts, Abdurrahman ibni Muljam considered the Imam an occupier and was therefore proud that he “killed the worst person in the world.” According to another hadith, the Messenger of Allah knew where and by whom Imam Ali would be killed and informed the Imam beforehand. Imam Ali himself personally knew Abdurrahman ibni Muljam. But he believed that until a person takes a step, he cannot be punished by Sharia. According to a hadith from the Prophet, Imam Ali will be killed by the worst person in the world.