God is a supernatural being, the only object of worship

You hear the word “God” every day from the mouths of fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, and teachers. If some event did not happen, they say: “God will allow it.” When they praise you, they say: “May God protect you.” If they want to express gratitude to someone, they say: “May God help.” Hope is expressed by the words “God is merciful”, lack of information by the words “God knows”, agreement, abundance by the words “Praise be to God”.

So who is God? Look around. What do you see? The classroom, the blackboard, your books – notebooks, your classmates and more. Look at the yard from the window. The sun is shining in the sky, the clouds are moving, the leaves of the trees are rustling. A green cover covered the ground. Birds made nests in trees.

The creator and keeper of all this is God. Everything in this world was created by God. He created the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, all the planets and stars, animals and plants. And the first man was also created by God.

You may ask: “But the school where we go to study was built by builders. The clothes we wear were made by tailors. The poems we read were written by poets, the music we hear was written by composers. The gardener planted the trees in the yard. The cars we drive were assembled by factory workers. So why do we say that God created all this?”

But the whole point is that none of the things we mentioned was created by itself. If the builder built the house, then who created the stone? If the gardener planted the tree, then who created the seeds of the trees? If cars are assembled in a factory, who created the iron?

Therefore, the original creator of everything is God. God created materials, then people made different things from these materials. And God also taught them the technology of making these things. If God had not sent man the idea of how to create a machine, how would this machine have appeared? If God had not given man intelligence and memory, how would books have been written? If God had not given man talent, how would songs have been created?

God also protects his creations, develops them. Everything in the world happens on the basis of exact discipline. For millions of years, the planets have been precisely moving in orbit around the Sun. No planet collided with another. If God did not regulate their movement, would it be like this?!

Tens of thousands of species of birds and animals live on earth. They feed on each other. A frog eats a fly, a snake eats a frog, an eagle eats a snake. And along with that, the family of none of them is dying out. God generously sends prosperity to every living being. And how does God achieve all this? How can one force create and control such a universe?

People have no idea how powerful and merciful God is. Nothing, no event is hidden from Him – neither what happened in the past, nor what is happening now, nor what will happen in the future. God is free to do whatever He wants. Nothing can hinder Him. God is exceedingly merciful to all his creatures. That is why he takes care of them and sends them prosperity.

So know that man cannot imagine what God looks like. God is not a being, He has no length, width, height. God has no gender, that is, He is neither male nor female. God has no hands, eyes, tongue, ears, but He sees everything. With his creations he speaks without language; creates everything without hands and controls it; hears all prayers without ears. God has no space and place. It is not corporeal, and therefore cannot fit into any space. Along with this, God encompasses everything. There is no such place in space, even the size of a needle’s tip, that the power and science of God would bypass this place. God is a supernatural being, the only object of worship.