Gadir Khum events

Ghadir Khum is one of the most important hadiths proving the leadership of Imam Ali and other sinless Imams (a) after the death of the Messenger of Allah (s). This sermon was delivered by Muhammad (in the 10th year of the lunar Hijra in the town of Ghadir Khum. After completing the rites of Hajj and after the Muslims left Mecca, the Messenger of Allah delivered a sermon to the Muslims, whose number, according to various estimates, reached several tens of thousands of people .According to the available hadiths, on that day, by the command of Allah Almighty, Imam Ali was officially appointed as the head of the Islamic community. The hadiths narrating the sermons of the Prophet of Islam in Ghadir Khum are among the most numerous hadiths and are mentioned in the works of scholars of both Islamic schools of thought. directions

Mentions in the writings of Islamic scholars Ali Asghar Rizwani, a modern Shiite researcher, provides the addresses of more than 350 Sunni books in which this event is mentioned. From all such hadiths, let’s choose one that the famous Sunni historian Tabari mentions in one of his books. In this regard, he wrote a separate work entitled “Al-vilaya fi turuki ahadis al-gadir”. So, he cites the following from Zayd ibn Arkam: “After completing the rites of Hajj, the Messenger of God stopped at an area called Ghadir Khum. It was noon and the heat was intense. He gave the order to clean the area, then ordered to pray. After that, the Messenger of Allah addressed us with a sermon in which he said: “Allah Almighty sent me this verse: “O Messenger! Convey what has been sent down to you from your Lord. If you do not do this, you will not deliver His message. Allah will protect you from people. Indeed, Allah does not guide the disbelieving people to a straight path.” Jibreel brought me an instruction from Allah to tell everyone that Ali ibn Abi Talib is my brother, my vicegerent and vicegerent, and your guide after me. I asked Jibreel to release me from this, because I knew that there are few God-fearing people, and there are many who are dissatisfied with the fact that Ali is always by my side. If I want, I can name them and show them to you, but in my grace I have not removed the veil from them and I have not shown you their true face. But Allah will not be pleased until I tell you what was revealed to me about Ali.

Know people! Allah made him an imam and a leader for you, and made obedience to him obligatory for you. So, his order is binding. Anyone who opposes him is cursed. Listen people and obey! Allah is your protector, Ali is your imam and leader. After him, until the Day of Judgment, imams and leaders from his progeny. Know that nothing is allowed. except what Allah and His Prophet permitted, and nothing is forbidden except what Allah and His Prophet prohibited. There is no knowledge that Allah did not give him (Ali) through me. So don’t leave him and don’t leave him! He is the one who will guide you to the truth, and he does everything with the help of the truth. Allah does not recognize or accept anything from that person who turns away from Ali. Allah will send such a person to the fire! The punishment is painful and eternal.

He (Ali) is the best person after me, as long as blessings from Allah are sent and His creations exist. Anyone who opposes him is cursed! Know that I quote these words from Jibreel, and he from Allah. So let each of you see what he has prepared for himself for the future. Take into account the clear instructions of the Holy Qur’an, and do not follow the allegorical verses, because no one can explain their meaning to you, except the person whose hand I will now raise.”

Then the Messenger of Allah raised the hand of Ali and said: “For everyone over whom I am the master, Ali is his master. This order about Ali was sent to me by Allah. Know that I have conveyed to you the command of Allah, I have told each of you about it. No one is allowed to be the leader except him.” Then the Messenger of Allah raised Ali’s hand again for all to see and said: “About the people, for everyone who believes in me and follows me, this is Ali – my brother, my intercessor, the inheritor of my knowledge and my vicegerent among you.” .

In other hadiths it is said that the Messenger of Allah (s) said on that day: “O people, do you bear witness to the oneness of God and that I am His servant and messenger? That heaven and hell are true, that Allah will raise the dead and all this is true?” The people answered, “Yes, we testify that it is true.” The Prophet said, “Lord, be witness.” Then he continued: “I will wait for you at the heavenly spring, drinking from which no one will ever feel thirsty again. Oh people, be careful of the two jewels I leave behind. One of them is the Book of Allah. Hold fast to the Book of Allah and do not let it go. Another jewel is my family (ahl al-bayt). Allah Almighty has informed me that these two jewels will never be separated from each other until they join me at the source of Paradise. Do not go ahead of them and do not fall behind them, because then you will perish.”

Then the Prophet took Ali’s hand and raised it up: “Indeed, Allah is my Lord, and I am the Lord of the believers, and I am for the believer higher than himself. For everyone to whom I am commanded

lem, Ali is its master. Lord! Be the friend of the one who will be the friend of Ali, and be the enemy of the one who will be the enemy of Ali. Love the one who loves Ali and hate the one who hates Ali. Help the one who will help Ali, and leave without help the one who will leave without the help of Ali.”

No sooner had the Prophet finished his sermon than the following verse was sent to him: “Today those who disbelieved have lost faith in your religion. But don’t be afraid of them, but be afraid of me. This day I have perfected the religion for you, completed My mercy to you, and am satisfied with Islam as a religion.” The Prophet said: “Allah is great! He completed the revelation of religion and fully showed his mercy. God is pleased with my prophetic mission and Ali’s leadership after me.”

This hadith is given in a similar form or somewhat differently by Ahmad ibn Hanbal in “Musnad”, Bukhari in “Tarikh Kabir”, Nasa’i in “Khasais”, Suyuta in “Tarikh al-Khulyaf”, Haysami in “Majma al-Zawaid” and many others Sunni scholars. Tirmidhi, after mentioning the hadith “For whomever I am the lord, Ali is his lord,” writes: “This hadith is good and authentic.” Hakim Nishaburi, after including this hadith in his collection, writes that it meets the conditions and requirements of two sheikhs – Bukhari and Muslim.

Asqalani, in his commentary on Bukhari’s Sahih, writes: “This hadith was transmitted by Tirmidhi and Nasa’i. There are many ways in which this hadith came about. His transmitter chains are reliable and good.” Alusy, in his interpretation of the Qur’an, writes: “It is proven that the Prophet said in Ghadir Khum: “For everyone over whom I am the master, Ali is his master.”