Fatima Zahra is the daughter of the Prophet

The beloved daughter of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad was named Fatima bint Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Qurashiy al-Hashimiyyah, and her mother was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. She was the youngest daughter of the Messenger of Allah.
Fatimah is the most respected woman among the believers, as well as among the inhabitants of Paradise. The best among women are those whose deeds are accepted by God and with which Allah is pleased. Such women have a special position in Paradise. The Prophet of Allah Muhammad himself named Raya Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Fatima bint Muhammad, Asiya bint Muzahim (Pharaoh’s wife), and Maryam bint Imran (mother of Jesus Christ) as the best women.
Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, is a historical person about whose life little is known, but what is known is enough to set an example for all men and women in the world, what it means to be a true slave of the Most High.
An important, great event in the history of the Muslim world is connected with the birth of this woman – she was born in Mecca before the prophetic mission of Muhammad began in the year of the construction of the Kaaba, and this event almost caused a war between the Muslim tribes. Thanks to the wisdom of Muhammad, it was possible to avoid quarrels and maintain peace – he organized the honorable task of installing the black stone in such a way that a representative of each of the clans participated in this event.
She married Ali ibn Abu Talib and bore him daughters Umm Kulsum and Zainab, and sons Muhsin, al-Husayn and al-Hasan. She became the only one of all the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad, whose children became the successors of the family of the Prophet of Allah

As a daughter, Fatima inherited many of her father’s beautiful qualities, but she also inherited many of her mother Khadijah, who is called a woman of perfect faith by Muslims around the world, and who was a person of high moral qualities. Speaking about this amazing woman, it should be said right away that she was very similar to her father, and not only externally, but also in all her manners and her high morality.
She was a pious woman, had many virtues due to the greatness of her faith and great love for the Prophet Muhammad – her name became known throughout the Muslim world. She is loved and respected by the Sunnis because she was the beloved daughter of the Prophet of the Most High. Her life became an example of how one person combined a noble origin with an impeccable reputation: she was not only a devoted servant of the Almighty Allah, but also a beautiful wife, daughter, and mother. She became a model woman for Muslims, a true example for all Muslim women.
She was deeply respected by the mother of the faithful, Aisha, because Fatimah had a beautiful character, was the wisest of women – this is told in a hadith mentioned by Imam Tirmidhi. Aisha often mentioned that Fatima was very similar to the Prophet Muhammad. “…whose gait did not differ in any way from the gait of the Messenger of Allah…” Hadith from Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim. With her high morality, she also resembled the Messenger of Allah, and this was also mentioned by Aisha in the Hadith narrated by Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi. She said that she had never seen anyone more similar in appearance, lifestyle, speech and virtues.
As the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, she was given the nickname “mother of her father” by the Prophet because she nursed and cared for him like a true mother. Aisha recalled that when she saw her father, her daughter always ran up to him, took his hand and sat down, kissing her. In the same way and with such joy, Prophet Muhammad met Fatima. The Messenger of Allah loved his daughter Fatimah very much, and he would enter her house first when he returned from a military campaign or a trip, and only after seeing Fatimah would he go to his house and meet his wives. Another nickname for Fatimah was al-Zahra, which means bright, radiant, illuminating, due to her bright and radiant face.

History of the Kaaba
She was born a few years before the prophetic mission of Muhammad began and she was given to witness the cruelty shown to the Prophet Muhammad by the leaders of the Quraysh. Once, during the prayer of the Messenger of Allah near the Kaaba, Uqba ibn Abu Mu’it threw camel intestines at the Prophet, and the leaders of the Quraysh, among whom was Abu Jahl, admired his low act and laughed at him. And only Fatima dared to approach her father and help him in front of his enemies. She was still small, but she did not doubt for a second – with her small hands, she removed the dirt from his back so that he could continue praying.

After the expulsion of the Prophet Muhammad’s family, Fatima shared all the torments of thirst and hunger with her father, and this could not but affect her health. Her mother died when Fatima was still very young, followed by her sisters. Fatima remained with the Prophet Muhammad as his only relative. She lived very amicably with all his wives, always found a common language, and never entered into quarrels with him. After the death of her mother, which was difficult for Fatima, she had to take care of her father instead of Khadija, and she bore all the burdens of life steadfastly and patiently. When will you arrive?

the battle of Uhud was raging, she bravely rushed to her father’s aid, although even the men hurriedly left the battlefield. Together with Abu Ubaydah, Abu Bakr, Ali and his other companions, Fatimah ran up to her father, washed his wounds and washed his face of blood.

Another trait that the daughter inherited from her father, in addition to patience and endurance – she knew how to be satisfied with the little things in life, which has a special value in Islam. Even her dowry consisted of the four hundred silver coins they had saved from selling the chain mail. This chain mail was previously given by Prophet Muhammad. By the standards that existed at that time in those places, if compared to the dowries of the people of Medina, Fatima’s dowry was very modest for those places – it did not include diamonds, gold, or expensive things.
She was satisfied with the least, like her father, and longed with all her heart for Paradise, for another world, in which she dreamed of being in the society of her father. The celebration on the occasion of the wedding was organized with the same money that was taken from his dowry, and with the same money all the utensils for the newlyweds and their house were purchased – it was a small treasure: a pillow stuffed with dry palm leaves, the same mattress, and more some dishes
Being a very modest person, Fatima was satisfied with this simple treasure, because she understood that she married a poor person, and her father wanted her to be satisfied with little in her life. Fatima gave birth to her husband Ali three sons – Muhsin, Hassan and Hussein. In addition to sons Hassan and Hussein, she gave birth to two more daughters – Umm Kulsum and Zainab.

Hard life
Fatima worked a lot and hard, and gradually her health and condition began to cause her husband Ali to worry: he saw how rough her hands were from the millstone, how much her neck was rubbed to the point of sores from the fact that she constantly wears bottles with soda, which became her darkened. clothes from the fact that she constantly cleans the floor. He could not look at it without pain in his heart, but he could not hire a servant because he was poor. Then Ali, hearing about the war trophies that the Prophet Muhammad had brought, and that among them there were also slaves, sent his wife Fatima to her father to ask him for a maid who would relieve her of the hard work around the house. But Muhammad replied that there are Muslims in the world who live much poorer than the family of Ali and Fatima, and therefore he had to refuse his daughter’s request. But then, coming to the house of Ali and Fatima, the Messenger of God told them what dhikr they should perform every day in the evenings, and informed them that they should repeat “Allahu Akbar” 34 times, “Alhamdulillah” 33 times, “SubhanAllah” 33 times. and that this zikr will be better for their family than a servant. He did not hear any complaints, objections, or objections from his daughter. She did not feel any upset about the fact that her request was refused – she followed the prescription received from her father all her life.

Good news from the prophet
For her personal qualities, humility and modest character, Fatima received the title of “lady of believing women” from Muslims around the world. Aisha said that the Messenger of Allah himself told his daughter that she would be the mistress of believing women in Paradise.
The only person that the Prophet Muhammad himself warned about the time when he would depart to the next world was his daughter Fatima. He called her to him when he was sick, greeted her, sat her next to her and whispered something in her ear. Hearing this, the daughter cried. And then Prophet Muhammad said something else in her ear, and she laughed. Aisha inquired what the Prophet Muhammad had said to her that she first cried and then laughed, but Fatima refused to reveal her father’s secret.
Aisha again asked her to tell her what the Prophet said to her when the Messenger of Allah departed to the other world, and then Fatimah conveyed to her the words of the Prophet: “Jibril used to compare the Qur’an with me once every year, and now he has done it twice. And indeed, I consider it to be nothing more than the fact that my term is already close. Fear Allah and be patient, because I will be a good predecessor for you,” that is, the Prophet Muhammad informed her that he would not recover from his illness, after these words Fatima wept, but then the Prophet said: “O Fatima, aren’t you happy because you will be the mistress of believing women.” The prophet predicted to her that she would be the first representative of the family to join him in the other world, and the daughter laughed after these words. And so it happened – she died six months after the death of the Messenger of Allah.
After the death of the Prophet, the smile left his daughter’s face and she remained sad all the time. Daughter Fatima survived her father for a short time – only six months, according to some scholars, she lived after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and then her blessed soul met her father’s soul in the Paradise of the Most High. Allah was merciful to Fatima, he did not leave her for a day in the world without the person she loved the most on earth.

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