Erdogan: The West does not look at human rights when it comes to Muslims

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Western countries of violating international law by unconditionally supporting Israel.
“All Western countries unconditionally support these attacks. What happened to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Don’t you see what it says? They watch when it suits them, but it doesn’t suit them now. Because the blood of Muslims is being shed,” the Turkish president said. “By sending an aircraft carrier instead of an aid ship, they showed what lobby they serve. This is called hypocrisy,” he added.
According to the President of Turkey, “attacks on Gaza have long since turned from self-defense to open cruelty, atrocity, massacre and barbarism.” “Those who think about human rights and freedoms have been ignoring the right to life of the oppressed population of Gaza for 19 days,” he emphasized.