Ayami Fatimah

The days of mourning on the occasion of the martyrdom of Fatima Zahra (Ayyami Fatimah) have come, this time of renewal of the covenant of the beloved and followers of Ahl al-Bayt with the privileged model of the Muslim woman, who did not hesitate for a moment to fulfill the divine covenant: are truthful”
Imamat and wilayat Ahl al-Bayt, provided with compassion, support and practical communication of the ummah with the divine leader, is the main guarantor of the elimination of oppression and the only axis of unity, peace, security and justice, which Fatima Zahra also emphasized: “And he made our obedience to the disciple. community, and our imamate – the security of the sect” (Dalilat al-Imama, p. 33).