Ayami Fatimah

Friends of Ahl al-Bayt from all over the world celebrate “Ayyami Fatimiyyah” – the mourning dates of the possible martyrdom of our sinless Lady Fatima Zahra, may peace be upon her. The enemies of Ahli Bayt made every effort to ensure that history leaves us neither the exact date of this tragic event nor the exact place of burial of Lady Fatima. Nevertheless, they were unable to extinguish the eternal lamp of her innocent martyrdom, which became a criterion for the manifestation of true faith for all Muslims. Having passed a short life path – only 18 years, Ms. Fatima left her memory as a real pillar of the world structure, the highest example of a Muslim woman, mother, wife, scientist and political figure.
The greatness of her role is evidenced by the love and devotion of her faithful followers to this day, as well as the immeasurable hatred with which our enemies treat her, who continue to shed innocent blood even in this “enlightened” age. After all, the daughter of the Prophet of Islam, as can be seen from the reliable hadith below, was the first to be reunited with him in heaven from the entire Immaculate Family! What better proof can there be that whoever declares war on Fatima Zahra and her glorious memory – be it an individual or a religious sect – declares war on the Messenger of Allah himself?
What do these bitter examples tell us? First of all, about the fact that Fatima Zahra’s martyrdom, like her great feat, continues to this day, one and a half thousand years after her tragic death. The greatness of a tree is known both by the length of its trunk and by the length of the shadow it casts. The greatness of a person – both from the loyalty of his friends, and from the hatred of his enemies. The historical figure of Fatima Zahra leaves no one indifferent, neither friends nor enemies. What can testify to her greatness more vividly than the words of the Holy Prophet of Islam?
“As for my daughter Fatima, she is the Lady of the women of the world, the first of them and the last, she is the flesh of my flesh, the light of my eyes, the fruit of my heart! She is my spirit, which is in my chest, she is Horiya in human form, and when she appeared in her niche in front of me, the Lord Almighty illuminated her with the light of heavenly angels, as He illuminated the inhabitants of the earth with the light of heavenly luminaries. And Allah the Most High said to His angels: “O My angels, look at Fatima, the leader of My community, standing before Me in awe of God-fearing, whose heart is turned to worship Me! I call you to be witnesses that I protected her supporters from the fire!”.
Looking at her gave me a reminder of what would happen to her after me, as (clearly) as if I myself had been there with her. Behold, humiliation will enter her house, and her safety will be violated, and her right will be taken away, and her inheritance will be denied, and her side will be broken, and her fruit will fall, and she will call: “O Muhammad!” – but she will not receive an answer, and she will call for help, but she will not receive help, and after my departure she will be upset, left in tears, sometimes remembering that she stopped seeing the Apparition in her house indulgently, and sometimes – about the fact that i left this world And under the cover of night she will mourn, mourning my voice when I recited the Qur’an at night, and she will see herself humiliated after she was honored in the time of her father. And in these sad days, Allah Almighty will console her with a reminder to the angels, and they will address her with the same words with which they previously addressed Maryam, the daughter of Imran, and say: “About Fatima, indeed, Allah has chosen you and purified you, and chose you above the women of all the worlds, “O Fatimah,” (rely on your Lord, and perform the earthly prostration and the clear prostration with those who worship).” Then she will feel pain and fall ill, and Allah Almighty will send to her Maryam, the daughter of Imran, to nurse and comfort her in her illness, and she will say then: “O Allah, indeed, I am tired of this life and the inhabitants of this world – so join me to my father!”. Then Allah, the Most High, will reunite her with me, and she will be the first of my family (Ahl al-Bayt) to be reunited with me in Paradise, and she will appear before me upset, offended, innocently killed, and then I will say: ” Lord, curse the one who offended her, and punish the one who took away her rights, and down the one who humiliated her, and go forever into the fire of the one who broke her ribs, so that she lost the fetus with which she was pregnant! “. And the angels will say: “Amen!”.