An American Muslim scholar wrote a book about the roots of global Islamophobia: “The New Crusades”

The American Muslim political scientist talked about his new book, which sheds light on the causes of Islamophobia on a global scale. Law professor Khalid Ali Beydoun, one of the US’s leading experts in the field of national security and constitutional law, believes that US rhetoric on the war on terror has led to a global spread of Islamophobic sentiment.
Professor Beydoun’s recently published book is called “The New Crusades – Islamophobia and the Global War on Muslims”, reports TRT World. “Islamophobia is a tool and weapon that the United States uses to promote its global influence and seize natural resources, such as Iraq’s oil,” the scientist states. “I chose this name because the term ‘crusades’ describes the historical conflict between Islam and Christianity. When the war on terror began 21 years ago, then-US President George W. Bush called it a “crusade.” I put these 2 points together in the title of the book.” According to Beidoun, Europe has become the main hotbed of Islamophobia in recent years. “Muslims practice their religion, women wear headscarves, men wear long white robes and grow beards, visit mosques, and because of this, it is easy for Europeans to discriminate against them on the basis of religion,” the scientist believes. “When I’m looking for a job, they see my resume with the name Khalid Ali Beydoun and immediately question whether they should hire me when there’s someone named Edward Smith.”