About my Prophet – sura Ya Sin in Russian

1. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Ya Sin.

2. I swear by the wise Koran.

3. Indeed, you are from among the Messengers (of Allah)

4. (And you stand) on a straight path.

5. (This Koran) is the revelation of the Great, the Merciful,

6. that you persuade a people whose ancestors did not hear persuasion in neglect (to faith).

7. With most of them certain things happened, because they did not believe.

8. Verily, We have put fetters on their necks up to their chins, so that they (walk) with their heads held high.

9. We have erected a barrier in front of them and also behind them, we have cast a covering (over their eyes) so that they cannot see (the path of truth).

10. They don’t care whether you obey them or not: they are (still) not sure.

11. You can persuade only one who will follow the Qur’an and fear and conceal the Merciful (Allah). Tell him the glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous reward.

12. Indeed, We give life to the dead and record what they used to do and what they left behind. And We counted everything in a clear book.

13. As an example, bring before them the inhabitants of that city, when the messengers appeared to them.

14. We sent two (messengers) to them, they did not recognize them, and then We reinforced them with a third (messenger), and they announced: “Verily, we are messengers to you.”

15. (To them) they replied: “You are people like us. The Merciful (Allah) has not sent any (revelation), but you only speak lies.”

16. They said: “Our Lord knows that we are messengers to you.

17. And our duty is only (to announce) clear news.

18. (To them) they replied: “Indeed, you bring us a bad omen. If you do not leave us (in peace), we will certainly stone you and our painful punishment will befall you.”

19. They said: “The bad omen is in yourselves. If you are called upon, (will you consider it a bad omen?) then you are the people who transgressed the limits (of what is permitted)!”

20. And then a man ran from the outskirts of the city and shouted: “O my people! Follow the messengers.

21. Go after those who do not ask you for a reward. After all, they are on the right path.

22. Why should I not worship the One who created me and to whom you will return?

23. Shall I worship other gods besides Him? If the Most Merciful will harm me at will, then their intercession will not help me and they will not save me (from punishment).

24. In such a case, I will also be in a clear delusion.

25. Verily, I believed in your Lord. So listen to me. “(The residents of the city threw stones at him and killed him)

26. It was said (to him): “Go (directly) to Paradise!” And he cried out, “Oh that my people only knew

27. for what did my Lord forgive me, for what did He count me among the honored ones! ”

28. After him, We did not send the heavenly army on his people and We did not intend to.

29. Only the trumpet sounded – and they were gone.

30. Woe to the slaves! Not a single messenger came to them without them betraying him openly.

31. Do they not know how many generations We destroyed before them, so that they will not return to them again?

32. And, indeed, everything will eventually come before Us.

33. Dry land is a sign for them. We revived it and grew cereals on it, which they feed on.

34. We raised palm groves and vineyards on it, and according to Our will, we blocked springs,

35. that they may taste the fruits and that which was not produced by their hands. Don’t they have thanks for that?

36. Glory to the one who created couples from what the earth grows and from people, as well as from what they do not know.

37. A sign for them is the night, which We deprive of (day) light, so that they are plunged into darkness.

38. The sun sails to the abode appointed for it: this is the prescription of the Great One.

39. For the moon We have determined (various) states until it becomes bent like a withered palm branch.

40. The sun should not catch up with the moon, and the night should not overtake the day, and each of them moves across the sky.

41. A sign for them is that We carried their family in an overcrowded ark.

42. And We created for them the likeness of an ark, on which they dive.

43. And if, if We wish, We drown them in such a way that they do not have time to call for help and do not save themselves,

44. unless We grant them mercy and allow them to enjoy (the benefits of life) for a while.

45. When they are called: “Fear what was before you and what will come after – perhaps you will be shown mercy”, – (they do not listen)

46. And when any of the signs of their Lord come to them, they turn away (from it).

47. When those who disbelieve are called: “Spend from what Allah has bestowed upon you,” they answer those who believe: “Shall we feed him whom Allah would feed if He willed? Verily, you – in deep delusion.

48. They also say: “When will the promised (Judgment Day) happen, if you are telling the truth?”

49. They have nothing to look forward to except the voice of the trumpet which will strike them while they argue.

50. They will not even have time to leave a will or return to their families.

51. And the trumpet will sound – and then they will rush to their Lord from the graves.

52. They will exclaim: “Woe to us! Who

raised us from the bed where (we) rested? After all, this is what the Merciful One promised, and the messengers, it turns out, spoke the truth.”

53. If only one trumpet sound has time to sound, then they will all appear before Us.

54. On that Day, no one will be treated with the slightest injustice. And you will be rewarded only for what you have done.

55. And the inhabitants of paradise on this day will truly enjoy (their) condition,

55. they and their wives rest on beds in the shade (of trees),

57. they were given fruits there and everything they wanted,

58. in the name of the merciful Lord (they are greeted) with the word: “Peace!”

59. (And it will also be said): “And you, sinners, stand on the side (of the righteous).

60. Did I not command you, about the sons of Adam, not to bow down to Shaitan (Satan)? After all, he is your obvious enemy.

61. (Didn’t you command to) worship Me? This is the direct way.

62. But he led many of you astray. Have you not thought about it?

63. Here is the hell that was promised to you.

64. Go there because you did not believe.

65. On that day We sealed their mouths. About what they did, their hands will speak and their feet will testify.

66. And if We had willed, We could have deprived them of their sight. Then they would start, overtaking (each other), on the (straight) path. But could they see him?

67. If We had willed, We could have changed their appearance in the very place where they are, and they would not have been able to go [forward] nor return (back).

68. He to whom long life is given, We make bent. Do they not understand?

69. We did not teach him (the Prophet) to compose verses, and it does not suit him. (What is given to him) is a revelation and a clear Qur’an,

70. that he may persuade those who are alive (in reason) that the decree (of Allah) concerning the infidels may be fulfilled.

71. Do they not know that We have created cattle for them from what was created by Our power, and that they possess it?

72. We made it (cattle) subject to them: they ride on some animals, they feed on others.

73. They benefit from livestock and drink. Will they not be grateful?

74. They worship other gods besides Allah, hoping for help from them.

75. They cannot do anything, but they (polytheists) are a ready army for the gods.

76. Do not let their (the polytheists’) speech upset you, for We know what they conceal and what they speak openly.

77. Does man not know that We created him from a drop? And yet he openly argues!

78. And he gives parables, forgetting who created him, and says: “Who will revive dead bones?”

79. Answer (Muhammad): “He who created in the beginning will revive them, for He is aware of every creation.

80. (He) – He who lit a fire for you from a green tree. And now you kindle (the fire) from him.”

81. Is he who created the heavens and the earth unable to create something like them? Yes, capable! After all, He is the Creator, wise.

82. When He wants something, all He has to do is say: “Arise!” – and creation arises.

83. Glory to him in whose power is power over all that exists. And to Him you will be returned.