A serial criminal who persecuted Muslims was exposed in Canada

Canadian police have found out that 28-year-old Sharan Karunakaran, who was arrested for trying to attack a parishioner at a Markham mosque, is responsible for two more attacks on different mosques on the outskirts of Toronto. In the Markham incident, Karunakaran first entered the mosque and began shouting insults at Muslims and Islam and tore up a copy of the Koran, before returning to the mosque in a car and attempting to crush several Muslims. For this, he was arrested and charged with several criminal articles.
However, the investigation has now established that the man committed not one, but three attacks on the mosque. In April, even before his arrest, he drove into the parking lot of a mosque in Scarborough and tried to run over several parishioners, who only managed to miraculously avoid the terrorist’s car. He then drove to another mosque on the outskirts of Toronto and repeated the same actions, all within an hour and a half. On social media, Sharan Karunakaran has been identified as a militant Hindu and a supporter of Hindutva, the Hindu nationalism that is currently flourishing in India. Karunakaran is currently facing more than 12 criminal charges in connection with the 3 mosque attacks.