A Nazi was arrested in Great Britain for justifying violence against Jews and Muslims

Liverpool resident Christopher Kearney, known on the Web under the nickname “Charlie the Big Potato” for justifying the violence of the ultra-right against Jews and Muslims, was arrested in Great Britain, “Lechaim” reported with reference to the British press. Kearney ran a channel called “Fascist Fitness” where he shared material deemed highly offensive in addition to fitness advice. He claimed that Adolf Hitler “showed the people the way”. And that he did nothing wrong. It was also reported that he was part of a criminal organization called Patriotic Alternative and was the first member of this group to be convicted of terrorist crimes.
According to the latest reports, he was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison. This was linked to messages on his Telegram channel more than two years ago where Kearney encouraged far-right terrorist attacks. In the same 2021, he shared links to almost 90 right-wing documents. He was extradited from Spain last September to face the charges after living in Alicante in the east of the country.