A Muslim student took a professor to court who insulted her hijab

A Muslim student has taken a professor to court who insulted her on religious grounds during a lecture, Daily Sabah reports. The incident happened during an economics lecture at the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in northwestern Germany. The teacher hurled racist insults at the hijab-wearing student Gülschen Kurt and even compared her headscarf to a Nazi swastika.
According to the girl’s lawyer, Fatih Zingal, Article 4 of the German constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and students in the country have every right to attend classes wearing religious headdresses. – “The behavior of this professor is absolutely unacceptable,” said the lawyer. “The professor said that he would not allow a student in a hijab to attend classes, just as he would not allow a Nazi with a swastika. He shouted at me, called me an “Islamo-fascist,” Kurt shared. The university administration apologized for the teacher’s behavior, but the student intends to bring the matter to an end and filed a report with the police.