7 // Lesson seven

God is one and has no equal

Negative qualities are called qualities, the presence of which in a person indicates his shortcomings and needs, while the Lord Almighty is devoid of all signs that testify to shortcomings and needs. For the sake of explanation, let’s consider some of these qualities.

1. God is NOT material

It is clear that any matter, any body needs space and if God is material, i.e. will consist of matter, then he will need the space he will occupy, and as we said in previous lessons, the Lord does not need anything , because the needy cannot be the Creator and the remover of the needs of others. Yes, it means that the Lord God is not matter, because matter needs the space occupied by it.

2. God is not a complex being

God is not a complex being, because any complex needs its component parts. For example, medicine or alloy steel consisting of special parts, if any part is missing, then this medicine or iron will not be what it should be. Also, if the divine essence will consist of a number of component parts, then it will need its parts, while we know that the concept of God and needs are not compatible.

3. God is not for nothing

The ability to see for each creature depends on a number of special conditions, one of which is the materiality of the creature and the space occupied by it. Otherwise, it cannot be seen even with the naked eye. When we proved that God is not material and does not occupy space, then it means that he cannot be visible. It cannot be said that what is invisible does not exist, because there are such things that cannot be seen, but they exist (for example, electromagnetic waves) and we can perceive them by their effects. Therefore, there is no need for any creature to be visible and it cannot be said that what is not seen does not exist.

4. God does not need anything

If the Lord’s essence needs anything, then there will be no difference between him and others. This means that other creatures need other creatures besides themselves to satisfy their needs, and if God is like that, then exactly the same thing will happen to him, that is, he will need another god to eliminate his needs. In view of this, it should be said that need does not agree with the concept of God, because God is the one who can eliminate all needs, and how can he eliminate the needs of others who himself needs others. The Holy Qur’an in this regard says: “O people, you need Allah for everything, but he does not need anything, he is rich in his essence.”