10 // Lesson ten

Prophets must be blameless

We said that the purpose of the coming of the prophets was to guide and instruct people on the true and natural path, if the leader and leader himself is vicious and does unworthy deeds, then he will not be able to guide people to purity and righteousness.

Therefore, it is very necessary that divine prophets are protected from any sins and vices, so that people can follow them on the path to happiness.

In other words, if someone calls people to be truthful and honest, but he himself is a liar or sometimes lies or commits treason, then his words will never have the right effect on people. Also, if the prophets of God will be protected from mistakes and misdeeds and people will think that their statements (expressions of divine decrees) will condemn themselves to mistakes, then they will not accept their statements with confidence and as a result, adherence to their path cannot be perceived correctly and the realization of their goal cannot be realized. Yes, the Lord Almighty does not choose for prophecy and the prophetic mission those who are not protected from disbelief in God and sins, he chooses for this great work those who are cleansed of all defects and in the future will be completely protected from all errors and mistakes.

Prophets must perform a miracle

One who has a pure soul will not accept any statement without reason, and if someone accepts any statement without reason, that is, without proper arguments, it means that he is asserting his mental deficiency. Therefore, it is necessary for all divine prophets to have strong arguments and evidence to confirm their prophecy, to prove to people their prophetic mission and that they are directed by the Lord Almighty.

One of the arguments that prove the connection of the prophets with the divine world is the performance of a miracle on their part. A miracle means something that during the lifetime of the prophets, others are unable to do, such as reviving the dead, curing incurable diseases.

Imam Sadyk said in this regard: – Every prophet must have a certificate that will confirm the correctness of his statements so that people believe in him.