Birthday of Imam al-Mahdi

The 5th of Shaban marks the birthday of the 12th Imam – Imam al-Mahdi. Imam Mahdi was born on Friday, 255 hijri in the city of Samirra in Iraq in the family of Imam Askari. Despite the fact that the 12th imam was named Muhammad, he is better known as Mahdi, Gaim, Bagiyatullah. When his father became a martyr, Imam Mahdi was five years old. However, it was he who performed the prayer for the deceased and after that the period of his concealment began. The fact that the imam lives today is one of the many miracles of Allah. How many more 12 imams will live away from human eyes when his coming arrives is unknown. However, this will happen inevitably, he will appear and fill the world with justice. Because this is the promise of Allah. The “philosophy of the savior” is present in all monotheistic religions. However, Islam is the most perfect and final religion of Allah. Naturally, in this religion the “philosophy of the savior” is also perfect and optimal.