Fundamentals of Islam

Lesson eight

God is just

As we said above, the Creator of the worlds must have all the qualities of perfection and be devoid of any shortcomings and vices.

One of the qualities of God's perfection is justice, for evil and violence are committed by those who are either not aware of the baseness of this deed or who themselves are in need and commit atrocities to eliminate their needs.

For example, one who forcibly takes away the people's property or is not aware of the baseness of this matter and in this way wants to eliminate his needs, or considers a lack of wealth to be a disadvantage and eliminates it in this way.

But for the Lord God, who absolutely does not need anything and is the source of all perfections and with his infinite knowledge excellently distinguishes good from bad, it makes no sense to commit evil and violence.

In some prayers we read: "O Lord! He needs evil deeds who are weak and weak and want to compensate for their weakness through evil deeds, but your holy throne is devoid of such shortcomings!"

Reminder: Shiites consider justice as their second principle of religion due to the fact that the Sunni group does not consider justice to be a necessary quality for God. That is, they argue that if the Lord God sends his obedient servant into hellfire, then this will not be injustice.

Opinions are also expressed on the issue of "will and fate". the necessary need of which is to regard the Lord God as a villain. That is why the Shiites and some Sunnis, with irrefutable arguments, prove to God the quality of justice and declare that there is no doubt that evil and violence are very base and contemptible qualities and, if they come even from God, they will nevertheless be considered contemptible, while we know that God can never do anything despicable.

Therefore, justice is considered the second principle in the religion of the Shiites, in order to distinguish them from the said group of Sunnis. Imam Sadiq (DBM) on this occasion said: - The Almighty God does not punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty and not to punish children for the sins and vices of the fathers. The Lord Almighty can forgive sins and He is above evil.