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Theologian Namik Babakhanov: "The main goal of the Week of Islamic Unity is the unification of all Islamic communities and movements"

"These days the Islamic world celebrates the Week of Unity and the Movlud of the Prophet Muhammad (s). The Prophet Muhammad (s) was such an outstanding personality that even after his death he continues to shed his blessed light on the entire Muslim world. On the 12th-17th of the month of Rabiul- Awwal Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (s) and the Week of Unity, which is especially relevant in today's world." This was stated to SalamNews by Haji theologian Namik Babakhanov. "Under the guise of Islam, some pseudo-Muslims commit acts that do not correspond to the values ​​of Islam. It's no secret that Wahhabism causes great damage to the Islamic religion. For example, for a resident of Latin America, a Wahhabi is a Muslim, whose illegal and inhuman acts are generalized and automatically associated with representatives the whole Islamic world, that is, people are beginning to identify Islam with these actions.It seems to me that the main goal of the Week of Islamic Unity is to unite all Islamic communities and movements, to reveal the true mask of Wahhabism, which feeds on Arab chauvinism.Wahhabism, encouraged by a number of superpowers, is true misfortune of the 21st century," the theologian noted. The theologian congratulated all Muslims on this significant date, wishing them even greater solidarity and unity.