Fundamentals of Islam

Lesson four

Orderliness in the system of thinking

Let us return to the consideration of the issue of the creation of man and, as they say: "In any case, the speech of the neighbor is more pleasant!".

Man is a huge world, each member and organ of which is evidence of the infinite power and wisdom of its Creator, and the more human knowledge develops and the more the veil of mystery is removed from His Creation, the more the essence of the wisest and most powerful Creator will become clear.

We can notice that in the essence of each person shines the light of the other world, moving him in the direction of goodness and good deeds. This lit torch is a human thought.

All the discoveries and inventions made in this world are the fruit of this thought. All books and libraries overflowing with them in all scientific branches are created precisely under the shadow of this power of thinking. At the same time, it is this power of thinking that guides a person who is at a crossroads to happiness. What power could give a person this amazing and very useful power?

Is it possible to imagine that anyone other than the wise Lord gave man this huge capital, this huge wealth?

The human body contains a very small device, sensitive and at the same time extremely precise, which is very gentle and has a very small weight.

This device is called the brain or the central nervous system, the amazing property of which is its complete automatic action.

Man-made computing machines act according to the orders of man and fulfill his will. But this automatically operating machine (brain) operates in a completely different way and not only does not need to be given an order, but also gives instructions to all the organs of the body and orients its activity.

The human body is a machine for converting matter into energy, which differs sharply from machines for converting matter into energy built by man and powered by a special type of energy.

The human body consumes many types of natural raw materials and converts them into energy in a variety of ways.

In the human body in the form of "glands" there are well-equipped automatic chemical laboratories and pharmaceutical factories responsible for the production of a certain product, which perform special functions in various vital human activities.

Aren't these very clearly functioning devices evidence that a person has an omniscient, wise and omnipotent Creator?!

Ant life

Let us temporarily leave aside the topic of man and turn our eyes to the ant, this mysterious insect, whose whole life can be an excellent lesson for us in the matter of theology.

This little creature founded its life on the basis of close cooperation and coordination of actions with its own kind and performs its business with the understanding and help of other ants. We can see this close cooperation at the time of building ant holes or accumulating food.

This insect, without attending universities and not studying agricultural sciences, knows well with its God-given consciousness and instinctive reasoning that in order for the grain in its mink not to spoil, it should be divided into two parts, which it does. If he feels that the grain has accumulated moisture, he will immediately take it out of the hole and put it to dry under the sun. And in general, the ant builds its dwelling on a high place so that water does not penetrate inside.

Is it possible, in view of the foregoing, to judge that all these amazing actions are carried out without leadership from above?

Who is the teacher and helmsman of this little creature? From where did it absorb such knowledge that a person who does not have an education and who has not comprehended this through experience cannot comprehend.

A short story from the life of Imam Sadiq

One of the materialists named Abu Shakir Diyzani once came to Imam Sadiq and said: - Prove to me the existence of Allah.

At this time, not far away, a little boy was playing with a chicken egg. The Imam took an egg from his hands and, turning to Abu Shakir, said: Do you see this egg? It has a fortress, strong and impregnable, with closed doors. Inside the fortress, under its walls, there is a very thin film. Inside the film there is some molten gold and silver (the yolk and white of the egg), but both of them do not merge with each other. Can we say that both these parts - the white and the yolk - appeared on their own?

O Abu Shakir! No one knows what is happening in this egg, no one knows what will be born from it - a rooster or a chicken. When a chicken is born from an egg, it is painted in amazing and diverse colors (Imagine what colors the peacock feathers are! What power colors this chicken in these colors? Is the color of a chicken or a peacock less worthy of attention than a painting? Is it possible to say that the picture has its own artist, and this natural coloring of a chicken or a peacock happened by itself?!)

Then Imam Abu Shakir said: - Considering all this, do you recognize. 

Are you sure that this chicken egg and the chicken born from it with all these features should have their own wise, omniscient Creator?

Abu Shakir thought a little and then, like a man awakened from a long hibernation, answered: - Yes, I testify that this world has a Creator called Allah, who embodies all the qualities of perfection. I testify that Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his family (hereinafter in the form DBAR - lane), the servant of God and the messenger of the Lord and you are the successor of the prophet and the vicar of God on earth and following your path is the most important necessity.

Yes, every being of beings means every atom of its atoms is truly the best evidence for the creator of the creator and creator.