History of Islam

Lesson six

Fourth Imam and sixth Immaculate Imam Sajjad

His lordship's name was Ali, the son of Imam Hussein. His most famous nicknames were "Sajjad" and "Zein al-Abidin". He was born on the fifth or fifteenth day of the month of Rabi al-Awwal in the thirty-sixth or thirty-seventh year (according to various versions) and in the sixty-first year of the Hijri, after the martyrdom for the faith of his father, Imam Hussein, he received the title of Imam and reached the Imamate.

The time of his imamate coincided with the period of power of the Omavid caliphs, who were at enmity with the prophetic family. During this period, terrible events and bloody uprisings occurred, leading to increased difficulties for his lordship, which at times endangered the life, and sometimes the prestige of his lordship. But despite all this, with his insight, patience and fortitude, he overcame all difficulties and was able to defend his honor and his people.

He was not only an ascetic leader, but also a wise and perspicacious leader, all of whose efforts in all crises were directed to the benefit of Islam and Muslims. One of the major services of his lordship to the world of Islam and Islamic enlightenment was the famous collection of prayers, which is known under the name "Sahifa Sajjadia". In this book, ideological, philosophical, moral and social motives are expressed in the form of prayers and an outpouring of the soul to the Lord Almighty and in no need of anything. And in fact, no one else except the Immaculate Imam, who is the heir to prophetic knowledge, could put such a book at the disposal of the people.

On 25 Muharram 95 AH, his lordship, aged 57 or 59, was poisoned by henchmen of the Omavid court and martyred. His Grace's tomb is in Medina. May there be peace with him.

Some sayings of his lordship:

The most dear to the Lord is the one of you who does the most good deeds, and the most honorable of you to Him is the one who fears God and refrains from sins.

O man, sooner or later you will leave this world and will again be revived and stand before the judgment of the Lord, so prepare an answer for your deeds. This means that while it is not too late and there is time, think about life after death and try to achieve the favor of the Lord.

If all people die and I am left alone, then I will not be afraid, because the Koran will be with me.