History of Islam

Lesson three

The third immaculate - the daughter of the prophet Fatima Zahra

Fatima was born on the 25th of the month of Jamad al-akhir in the fifth year of her prophetic mission. Her mother's name was Khadija. She lost her mother at the age of five. The prophet of God loved his daughter very much, so much so that he said: "Fatima is dearer to me than all the others."

The position of her ladyship Fatima in terms of moral qualities, as well as in the sense of piety and worship of Allah, was so high that every time she went to the house of the great prophet, his ladyship warmly met her, kissed her hands, sat her in his place and said that Fatima is a part of my body and whoever makes her happy will make me happy, whoever offends her will offend me. Imam Hassan says: -One Friday my mother Fatima got up on the place of prayer and began to pray and prayed until morning. I told her, "Why didn't you pray for yourself?" She said, "Son, first you need to think about the neighbors, and then about yourself."

One day the prophet asked: -What can be the best thing for a woman? Fatima answered: - My dear father, the best thing for a woman can be that she is not seen by the eyes of a strange man and she would not see a strange man. The Prophet pressed her to his chest and said: - Generation and offspring - each has its offspring.

Fatima lived for eighteen years. She was the wife of His Grace Imam Ali and within nine years gave birth to such children as Imam Hasan and Hussein and Zeinab. She died in Medina almost three months after the death of the great prophet and was secretly buried in the evening. During these three months, in the full sense of the word, she defended the position and power of Ali and, in fact, sacrificed her life along the way. May there be peace with her.