History of Islam

Lesson eleven

Ninth Imam and Eleventh Immaculate Imam Javad

His Lordship's name was Muhammad, and his most famous nicknames were Javad and Taqi. His father was Imam Rida and his mother was Sabika. He was born on the 10th day of the month of Rajab in 195 AH in Medina. In 203, that is, at the age of nine, he reached the Imamat. As mentioned above, the title of imamate is a divine appointment, determined by the Lord and his messenger and has no connection with age, that is, the prophet of the Lord ordered that after the eighth imam of his lordship Rida, his son Muhammad bin Ali will be the imam and it is for this reason that he lordship Reed before his death appointed his lordship to the imamate.

Once, when Imam Javad entered the mosque of the great prophet, Ali bin Jafar, the son of Imam Jafar Sadiq, who was the uncle of his lordship's father, was sitting in the mosque and as soon as his lordship entered, he ran towards his lordship without shoes and an upper cloak, expressed everything honors respect, kissed his hand and respectfully stood next to him. His Lordship Javad said, "Sit down." Ali bin Ja'far said, "How can I sit in front of you if you are standing?"

Those present who saw this scene after the departure of Imam Javad began to blame Ali bin Jafar and said that you are his father's uncle, and he is the grandson of your brother. so why are you giving him so much attention. Ali bin Ja'far took his beard in his hands and said:

"When the Almighty God with this white beard did not recognize me as worthy of an imamate, but considered him worthy, despite his age, you offer me not to recognize him, God forbid me from what you say to me (he is our imam and we need to follow behind him and express to him all the honors of respect).

Yahya bin Aksam says: “Once I entered the mosque of the prophet and began to inspect the tomb of his lordship of the prophet and noticed that his lordship was also busy inspecting the grave of his lordship. I started a conversation with him about some questions, and he answered them. Then I said to his lordship: “I want to ask a question, but I am embarrassed to ask it.” He said: “I know in advance the question you want to ask. Do you want to ask - who is the imam and the leader of Muslims after my father the eighth imam?" I said: "By Allah, that this question was my question." He said: "After my father, I am the imam and vicar of God on earth."

His Grace in 220 at the end of the month of Zul-Qa'da at the age of twenty-five, by decree of the Abbasid caliph Mutasim, was poisoned and martyred and buried in Baghdad (Kazimein) next to the grave of his ancestor Musa bin Jafar.

From the sayings of his lordship

One of his lordships said, "Please admonish me." His Lordship said, "Will you agree?" He said yes. And then his lordship made a proposal of the following content: "Leave passions aside and resist spiritual desires, know that Allah always sees you and remember what you are doing and who you are."