Essay on exemplary woman

Articles about the high status of women have been written in every language. For example, each author has his own heroine. Especially the Western world knows how to present its heroes as an example to all mankind. Let's face the fact that one of the successes of the Western world is that they can represent their heroes well, and we should learn from them in this area. In fact, if we pay attention, we will see that the heroes of the eastern world are more perfect, but the problem of the east is that it cannot present these heroes as a true example.
The topic of women is very extensive, there are many real and fake heroes, history has told us a lot about such people. But the same story tells us that women cannot always take their place in society. A woman is a priceless half of a person's life, a subtle example of humanity. Fate has led to the fact that throughout history, women have been oppressed, persecuted, insulted. In fact, conscience requires society to pay more attention to women, take care of them and help them. But, unfortunately, women have not been able to fully realize their rights. Efforts to restore women's rights, begun at the beginning of the last century, did not help women, no matter how much they hoped. In today's world, women are oppressed and exploited as victims of entertainment, advertising and business interests. It is true that there are women who consider such a life to be happy, but I think they call such a situation "happiness" because they do not know what real happiness is.
And the woman from the East, whom we want to talk about, is a real heroine, an example that can become a model for all women. She lived very little - only 18 years old, since childhood she was left without a mother, she became a mother to her father, became dear to her husband, she was a loving mother, a caring neighbor, she helped people, taught science to the ignorant, she took care of everyone and was infinitely attached to God, she is Fatima Zahra. Undoubtedly, the positive qualities listed above stemmed from her strong devotion to God, and most importantly, she remained faithful to these high human qualities until the end of her life, despite all the difficulties.
She had other valuable qualities, she was the daughter of the last Prophet, the wife of Imam Ali, the mother of Imam Hassan and Hussein, all this is and remains ... In addition, she was a woman who lived in accordance with the highest values.
It is impossible not to love her, not to respect her, if the women of the world are looking for an example for themselves, this is undoubtedly Fatima Zahra, her birthday is a holiday, the day of her death is mourning.
She was in love with the truth, she was on the true path, which God showed her, and the happiness of man is only in this. In the end, she sacrificed herself on the path of this truth, she became a victim of this path, she died a martyr's death. These were the rich chords of a short life, there were so many messages for humanity in 18 years of life, this is a great lesson for those who think.
In fact, the Creator of all things knew in advance that women would be oppressed in this unjust world of trials, that men who had lost their dignity would exploit women in this unjust world. He always knows which path people will choose, therefore, the Almighty chose Fatima Zahra as a mentor for women, and by this He gave women an additional incentive to get up, get together and continue on the path so as not to be disappointed, and fight to the end. I do not believe that someone other than Fatima Zahra could be an example and a model for women.
She was a real heroine in history, she lived only 18 years in the 7th century AD, but she is alive 1400 years, volumes of works are written about her, meetings are held all over the world in her honor, people organize and develop in life with her. This is our female heroine, no matter how much they write about her and say it, it's still not enough. She did not remain in the shadow of history, she is not remembered for the sake of appearance, our heroine continues to do what she did when she was alive 1400 years ago - she leads people to the truth, because she is with us, she is forever alive in our hearts, she is real the heroine, she is an example not only for women, she is the value of creation ...

Namik Babakhanov