Fundamentals of Islam

Lesson eleven

The last of the prophets

The last of the prophets was His Grace Muhammad bin Abdullah. At the age of forty, he was chosen by the Lord to carry out a prophetic mission. He, according to history, in all his life never bowed before idols and never for a moment renounced God.

Before leaving with a prophetic mission, he constantly indulged in worship and praise of Allah in certain periods of the year in the cave of Hara.

He received the Lord's mission and divine laws from the Lord at a time when humanity was engulfed in anarchy, bloody fratricidal wars, and fanaticism and invented legends dominated the consciousness of people.

His lordship announced to the people about his prophetic mission and brought many miracles and testimonies to prove his prophecy.

Among his miracles, one miracle was very life-giving and worthy of attention, which, in the sense of proving his prophetic mission, remains in force to this day.

This ever-living miracle is the all-merciful Quran, which to this day, like a bright sun, shines in the firmament of mankind and illuminates the hearts of people with its rays.

The Quran still declares to this day:

- It was not a simple person who brought me to you and I am not a product of the human mind, and an outstanding person brought me, having a connection with the divine world and the Creator of this world, and Allah sent him to you to guide you on the path of truth.

The Prophet of Islam said:

-Oh people! I have been chosen by the Lord God for prophecy and this Quran is a living testimony of my prophetic mission. If you doubt these words, then all together try to create at least one sura similar to the suras in the Koran. If you succeed in this, then you can equal me and not accept my prophecy. If you fail to do this, which, of course, is not feasible, then know that I am a mediator between Allah and His creations, a prophet and messenger of the Lord and sent with that. to guide you towards good deeds and perfection.

In those days, all orators, writers and poets, all masters of eloquence, as soon as they did not try, could not create at least one verse similar to the Qur'an, but also admitted their helplessness and inability. From that time to this day, the enemies of Islam, although they used all kinds of means against Islam, nevertheless could not oppose the heavenly Book of Muslims.

The Quran is an ever-living miracle

The Qur'an is a miracle not only in terms of eloquence, charm of presentation, beauty of phrases and spiritual attraction, but also in many other aspects proves its miraculous effect. The above can be summed up as follows:

1- All historians are unanimous that the prophet of Islam was a man who had not received an education and until the age of forty, when he was chosen by the Lord for prophecy, he did not learn to read and write from anyone. At the same time, in the Qur'an, the great prophet told the story of many prophets. Of course, the expression of the history of predecessors in itself cannot be considered a miracle, but in view of this. that the history of the predecessors was described in the books of the Jews and Christians (in the old and new testament), we can compare this section of the Qur'an (that is, the history of the prophets) with written monuments of past and new centuries and be convinced of the heavenly source of the book "Koran". For when we turn to the old and new versions of Christian and Jewish origin, we can notice that their authors, due to their ignorance, have depicted the history of the prophets of the Lord. who were the greatest teachers and the purest people in the history of mankind, in fanatical and imaginary forms, and in such a form distorted reality that in these books the prophets of the Lord are presented even lower than ordinary people. But when we turn to the all-merciful Quran, we can notice that the history of these prophets is expressed in such a way that it can be a very useful and constructive lesson for everyone. That is why no one can claim that the prophet of Islam took the theme of the Koran from the heavenly Books of the Jews and Christians and presented it to people in the form of the Koran.

When the Qur'an recounts the history of the prophets, it points to a number of truths and moral stories, and recounts their history without any fanaticism and with the preservation of the truth. If the sources of the Prophet of Islam in the exposition of the Qur'an would not have been based on divine revelation, he would have been engulfed in his exposition by the same fanaticism as the writers of the Torah and the Gospel and other Arab writers, and the history of the prophets would have been full of lies and fanaticism.

You can compare the story of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Jacob and Jesus, described in the Torah, the Gospel, as well as in the Koran, and make sure this statement is true. This comparison proves that the prophet of Islam comprehended these truths through divine revelation. These stories in the books of the era of antiquity and the new era are described so disgustingly that the pen is ashamed to attribute them to divine educators. At the same time, this topic is presented in the Qur'an in the best possible way, including scientific and moral truths. 2-Another way to prove the miraculous effect of the Qur'an is the laws given in the Qur'an. These laws are so strong, stable and precisely calculated that the passage of time and the change of various social formations could not damage them. The Qur'an offered humanity a special economic system that can meet the demands of people at all times. If at least one Islamic economic principle of the prohibition of interest is adhered to, then many class contradictions will be eliminated.

An illiterate person can never bring to the people even a half-correctly based economic system, not to mention bringing an absolutely correct system, which, as a result of the emergence of other systems, would not only not suffer any damage, but the principle of this system was approved by the scientists of that time. and even gave to his followers (if he followed them) significance and greatness.

The Qur'an distributes wealth fairly in society to the extent that if you follow its decrees and instructions, then hunger and poverty will forever be eradicated from society.

The Qur'an, in order to establish peace in society, brought such firm penal laws that can guarantee the peace and well-being of the members of society.

The military law and the principle of the organization of the army, Islamic military programs are so progressive that they even take into account and take into account the rights and honor of the enemy.

And, finally, Islamic jurisprudence is so extensive that it takes into account all aspects of a person's life from birth to death, and for everything, no matter how insignificant and small, it provides certain laws.

Could any illiterate person in such an environment full of ignorance and savagery, without divine help and connection with the Lord of the worlds, present to mankind such programs and such reasonable laws?

The superiority of Islam and the miraculous power of the Koran does not end with the above questions, for there are many other testimonies that make it clear that "the bearer of the Koran is a leader and a divine teacher, and his programs are heavenly, divine.

Imam Riza said:

-My ancestor Imam Sadiq was asked: "Why, the more widely the Qur'an is spread, the more familiar it seems, and as it is read and taught in schools, it not only does not age, but on the contrary, it becomes more and more flourishing day by day and newer? Imam Sadiq replied:

"This is because the Qur'an was revealed not for a certain time and not for a certain people, and therefore at all times remains new and flourishing.

Yes, if we establish the Qur'an as the program of our life path, then undoubtedly our happiness and perfection will be guaranteed, and just as in the early periods of Islam, Muslims under the shadow of the Qur'an achieved greatness in a short time, we can also regain the lost greatness, but, unfortunately muslims have forgotten the quran and as a result the world of muslims is the way you see it.