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Doctor Amjad Hussain named one of America's most prominent Muslims

In recognition of efforts to serve the country, distinguished American the surgeon was listed as one of the 100 famous American Muslims in list compiled by the Long Island Interfaith Institute.
Islamic Center Names Dr. Amjad Hussain, Professor Emeritus University of Toledo, as one of the prominent Muslims of our time.
He was chosen from around 10,000 Muslim doctors in the country. "I overwhelmed,” Dr. Hussain said of the recognition, according to Toledo Blade. Fluent in five languages, 85-year-old Dr. Hussain - cardiothoracic surgeon, educator, writer and traveller. He also invented the pleuroperitoneal shunt and the special endotracheal tube used in surgery. "He's a renaissance man... He clearly stood out," Dr. Farok Khan, one of the founders of the Long Island Islamic Center, who also contributed to the list. "In addition to his professional achievements, he writes for the Toledo newspaper, and his column on contemporary problems are always insightful and accurate. He also wrote so many books about various aspects of life. For example, he explored the Indus River, traveling from its source to its mouth,” Khan added.