Fundamentals of Islam

Lesson nine


The third principle of religion is faith in prophecy and the prophetic mission of the prophets sent by the Lord to instruct and guide people, and the number of prophets, according to some legends, is 124 thousand.

The last of them, after whom there were no more prophets and there will be no more, was His Grace Muhammad bin Abdullah, may Allah bless him and his family, the great and highly respected prophet of Islam.

The Necessity of the Prophetic Mission of the Prophets

It is absolutely clear that the all-wise Creator of the world created this vast world not purposefully. It is also clear that the goal of prophecy for the Lord Almighty is not to derive benefit for Himself, for, as we said in previous lessons, the Lord Almighty has no shortcomings and does not need anything in order to satisfy His needs and improve Himself by creating the world.

Therefore, the goal from Creation should be addressed to the created ones themselves, and the only goal that can be imagined from the creation of the world is the perfection of beings and, in particular, of man. This raises the question: how and in what ways does the all-round improvement of a person take place?

Naturally, the development and improvement of a person without a specific program and a divine educator is impossible. For, undivine leaders and leaders, as a result of their limitations in terms of knowledge and awareness of reality, are not able to properly guide a person. They also, due to their vulnerability to making mistakes, do not have the proper competence to lead people (except, of course, who will follow the divine leaders).

At the same time, the divine leader and leader, due to his connection with the divine world and protection from any mistakes and sins, can direct people to true happiness, not allowing any mistakes in his leadership.