Islam calls Muslims to unity

From the early days of Islam to the present day, there have always been those who wanted to divide the Muslims. The most tragic thing is that this conspiracy of the enemies of Islam often ends in success. Unfortunately, they were able to cause discord among the Muslims and this policy continues successfully today. One way to sow discord among Muslim faiths is to take topics out of context and generate hatred by creating a negative video. There are such videos about all Muslim denominations.
Following such provocations is contrary to the Qur'an and Sunnah, when the Holy Qur'an and the hadiths of our Prophet call Muslims to unity. “Hold on to the rope of Allah all, and do not be divided, and remember the mercy of Allah to you when you were enemies, and He brought your hearts closer, and you became brothers by His grace!” (Family of Imran - 103). Unfortunately, people we know and are friends with sometimes take steps that provoke similar incidents among Muslims, which is exactly what the enemies of Muslims and Islam want. Negative situations are possible in all Muslim denominations. Negative episodes can only be resolved with scientific discussions, and not the distribution of such videos.
Publications that are circulated that offend Shiite Muslims, also a conspiracy of the enemies of Islam, problems are not solved this way. Such publications are not intended to solve any problem, but rather create problems among Muslims. All Muslims independent of their denomination are friends and brothers. Because we are united by a common faith, religion - Islam, Islam, Koran, Prophet Muhammad. Our scholars - elders always teach us to live in friendship, love, brotherhood, support and help each other. We lived like this, and we will continue to live like this, and the actions of any people will not convince them to follow the precepts - to maintain friendly relations with all Muslims for the sake of Allah. The Prophet of Islam said: "Among you there will be people with the worst intentions who will provoke discord, conflict and confusion" this hadeeth is the answer to everyone who distributes such videos. In all these actions we see not the pleasure of Allah. We need not words, but only correct moral actions to show true friendship, Islam, Islam, and brotherhood!

Elin Aliyev